Do you know the 4 habits proven to raise your happiness setpoint?

Learn and practice them now! I have studied and researched happiness and how our brain works and know the FOUR HABITS proven to make your life easier and happier!  


live the life you are here to live 









Certified Life, Wellness and Weight Loss Coach Susie Pettit has worked with women for over 10 years. She has studied human behavior and our brain in order to be able to present this extraordinary program to you. 

Let her help you establish the habits necessary to live full of joy, doing the things you say you want to do. 

This program uses her years of research on happiness, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and behavior to help you feel better and find joy in your days.  


It is my belief that we women waste far too much time adding drama to our lives and feeling like crud. Our world needs us to show up; to put our mental energy into the things that light us up, not the things that drain us or weigh us down.

Join Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Coach Susie Pettit as she helps you establish FOUR daily habits to finish what you start, to do what you say you’ll do, to feel better while living this one life we’re here to live. This program shows you the EASIEST and FASTEST way to establish the habits and behaviors proven to bring you the most joy in your life. 


This Program is for You if:

  • You’re sick of not finishing what you start
  • You tell yourself you “should” be happier than you are
  • You’re sick of letting yourself down
  • You often feel discouraged.
  • You ask yourself: “Is this all there is?”
  • You tend to start things and not finish.
  • You’re sick of saying you’re going to do something and end up not doing it.
  • You want to feel better more often 
  • You feel alone 
  • Your life looks good on the outside but doesn’t feel so good on the inside.
  • You get confused about what you should be doing
  • You’ve started more “new plans” than you can count
  • You set big goals and rarely achieve them.
  • You often feel negatively about yourself and like you’ve eel let down when you don’t meet them
  • You have woken up in the morning with regret about what you didn’t get done the day before
  • You want to feel happier.









Happy Habits


Warriors, do you keep your word to everyone else but yourself? Do you wonder why you feel so flat? Do you get frustrated with yourself because you don’t do what you say you’ll do? This program is for you. Take back your power in your life. This program is for you. I am here to help!

Daily Support in Private Group

  • This program provides support from a certified coach (Susie) in addition to the group support of other warriors going through what you are going through. 

  • Value: $85/week

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

  • Susie comes on live each week to provide guidance, knowledge, and support
  • You are able to receive one-on-one coaching.
  • If you miss a call, it is recorded and you will have access to the replay.
  • Value $150/week

Daily Accountability


  • What you do daily matters, thus, you will be turning in daily progress reports to hold yourself accountable and to remind yourself of the significant work you’re doing.
  • Value: $100/week


Value: $1825.00

Program Price: $599

Establishing happy habits? PRICELESS


Join Certified Life, Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach Susie Pettit as she helps you establish habits so that your days contain more joy

It is time! 

 This is your one life. 

There is no dress rehearsal.  

Yet, so many of us are walking around feeling blah. 

Wondering if there’s more than this… 


There is.  

And your time is now.  

Make this month, this year, this decade different. 

This program combines the latest research on habit change, happiness, and positive psychology with the expert guidance of a Cognitive Mindset Expert coach.  

Join Susie now.

It’s Time NOW. 


Do you know how miserable I have been?
Miserable enough to land myself in the hospital with 32 seizures in a weekend.

It was bad warriors.

I spent FAR too much of my life letting myself down.

Keeping my word to everyone but myself. 

I routinely started things that I didn’t finish only to feel like crap later. 

I would ask myself: “Isn’t there more than this?”

I’d cry myself to sleep berating myself for not being happier with what I had. 

And then…the seizures happened. 

That was enough of a sign from the universe, thank you very much. 

When I recovered, I drew the line in the sand and said ENOUGH.  

ENOUGH beating myself up.  

ENOUGH feeling like crap.  

ENOUGH not keeping my word to myself.  

Today I dedicate my life to you. 

To helping women learn the tools they need for happiness.

To feel better. 

I designed this powerful program as an inexpensive way to start.

Join me warriors.

It’s your time.


Can I do this program if I already work one-on-one with Susie as a coaching client?

  • YESSSS! I designed this for you! In our private sessions we get to talk about the life issues specific to you. This program validates all of what we work on personally with a daily accountability framework to get the results you want. 
  • This is a perfect, low cost way to establish the proven happiness habits to lead you to live a life you love while working on specific and private issues in our sessions.

What if I miss a coaching call?

  • All calls will be recorded and shared afterwards.
  • I highly encourage you to consider the calls like your most important weekly meeting. In my mind, they are. There is nothing more important than managing your mind in a way that sets you up for success.

How is this program different than other online programs out there? 

    • In every way. It provides more resources, more support, more expert guidance, more research at an unbeatable cost.
    • I designed this program because I haven’t seen another program out there at this price point. I want to help as many women as possible and so want to make this a super affordable option.
    • It combines neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral coaching with daily accountability by a certified coach.  

    Money Back Guarantee 

    That’s right dear warrior, if you follow along, do the parts of this program and don’t see results, I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. 

    To be elligible for this gurantee and refund, you must complete the work, the assignments, and participate in the group coaching up until that point. If you still don’t see a positive change in your life, I need to know! Send me everything you’ve completed and I will send you a refund.