The Love Your Life School is Susie Pettit’s exclusive Life Coaching Program where you get the support, tools, and encouragement to live a life you love.

When is the last time you’ve had to give the formula for finding the area of a parallelogram?
Versus, when is the last time you’ve had to regulate your emotions or have a difficult conversation.
 Do you know how harder our lives are because of the things we weren’t taught in school? 
This is why I created the Love Your Life School!
It’s the place to go to learn the things we need to know to feel better and have well-rounded, healthy lives
Things like how to handle conflict, how to feel our feelings, how to parent teens, how to set boundaries, how to not be codependent, how to heal our nervous system from narcissistic abuse…I could go on and on!

Have a PLAN and feel more PURPOSEFUL in your life

Learn Communication Skills

Get support in setting boundaries

Learn (and practice) the basics of Mental and Emotional WELLNESS

Learn the PARENTING skills to raise competent and resilient kids

Model a GROWTH MINDSET for your kids & community

Move into your midlife and beyond EMPOWERED

Each Month in the Love Your Life School You Get:

Susie Support

Weekly live group coaching opportunities. The bigger the school gets, the more opportunities there will be. Mini sessions for teens? Parenting Consults? Come join to have a voice!

Access to Our Content Library 

Consider the content library the Netflix of Personal Development.  

A collection of my most popular courses and content organized by topic so you can easily find help with any area of your life.


Monthly Trainings

ADULT SCHOOL! Each month, Susie teaches an interactive workshop on a topic intended to support you in living your best life. Examples: emotional eating, parenting teens, healthy relationships, confidence, womens health, etc.


The Non-Stressful Bookclub

A book lover’s dream! Come discuss a non-fiction book in a non-stressful way.  We meet monthly and move through the chosen book as quickly or slowly as we choose. No pressure here!


Hi! I’m Susie Pettit

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Life Coach, Founder of the Love Your Life School and (soon to be) your biggest supporter!

After doing everything I thought I was supposed to be doing (getting a degree, getting married, having 3 amazing boys), I found myself in a very dark period of my life.

I felt a low level hum of unhappiness, was emeshed in codependent and narcissistic relationships, and using food and alcohol in unhelpful ways to cope.

I felt overwhelmed with my situation and also guilty because “on the outside” everything looked good!

Life coaching changed everything for me.

It not only got me out of the darkness, it helped me leave toxic relationships, learn how to set boundaries to stop codependency, remove food and alcohol as triggers in my life, create a thriving business and present a model of marriage for my sons that I am proud of. 

I can truly say I love my life and I know that’s possible for you too.  Please let me support you.


The Love Your Life School is for women who are committed to being their best and most evolved selves. The Love Your Life School is perfect for moms in transition (from full time parenting of our littles to the very different parenting of our teens and young adults). This is the perfect place for women who want to feel more purposeful in their actions, days and life.  

You're in a TRANSITION (motherhood to empty nest, work to retirement, parenting littles to parenting teens, married to single, etc)
You sometimes feel like people don't appreciate everything you do
You want to live a regret-free life.
You want to work on your CODEPENDENCY
You feel exhausted and burnt out. You sometimes wonder "what's the point?"
You stress and worry about your kids or partner. Sometimes you feel like you focus more on their life than on yours.
You start “new plans” and set new goals only to not follow through and feel disappointed in yourself.
Sometimes when you look at your life, you feel blue, thinking: "I thought I'd feel happier” or "Is this all there is?"

 The School is NOT for you if:


The School is NOT for you if you are looking for a place to complain, criticize or judge others
The school is NOT for you if you are looking for a THERAPY based model versus a COACHING based, take action, move forward model.
The school is NOT for you if you blame other people for your problems
The school is NOT for you if you think learning stops in your twenties and you know all you need to know.
You are looking for a mental health professional who let's you stay stuck in your victim or martyr story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy. You simply click a link and submit your name, email and choose from a list of reasons (to help us improve the program) and your account will be automatically cancelled. I hope you’ll stay enrolled but I’m not trying to trick anyone into it who isn’t the right fit.  

How long will I have access to the monthly trainings?

As long as you’re a student of the Love Your Life School, you have access.  Think of it like the gym. The machines and classes are always available to you to strengthen your mental and emotional health when you’re there (though you can’t take the machines home with you if you stop membership, lol)

What topics are covered in the content library?

The content library gives you full access to my popular Parenting Teens Course, the Permanent Pathway to Weightloss, the 10-Day Conscious Living Challenge, and much more. The best part is I will continue to add to it! 

Is this a good option if I’m a private client already?

It’s a GREAT option! Not only is it an outstanding resource for you to get learning and resources in between our sessions, your individual coaching sessions are DISCOUNTED when you’re a student at the LYLS.  

You and your family members will also get PRIORITY TIME SLOTS on her private schedule if you’re a student at the LYLS.

I’m super busy, when is the best time to start?

The Love Your Life School is like Netflix. There are lots of options available and you COULD spend all day learning it but you certainly don’t need to. I suggest warriors commit to one call or training video a week as that will literally change your life.

Can my family members use my membership?

Yes. Feel free to spread the Love Your Life School love. Members of your household can access the content library and coaching opportunities.

About Me

Hi, I’m Susie! A Cognitive Mindset Certified Life Coach (and mom of 5!) I have worked with women and adolescents for 20 years. I’ve studied human behavior and our brain in order to be able to present my most popular and successful program to you.

Let me help you establish the habits necessary to live a more joyful life.

The LOVE YOUR LIFE SCHOOL uses my years of research on happiness, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and behavior to help you feel happier each and every day.


“Susie is the reason my life turned upside down…and now I realize it was upside down all along and now it’s finally RIGHT SIDE UP! Never could I have done it without her, her programs, and this group. I would still be in analysis paralysis. I am so deeply grateful for her coaching, incredible knowledge, energy, dedication, generosity, care, concern, her spirit, humor, memory, intuitive connections, her gentle (and not so gentle) pushes, and all those amazing creative habit and memory tools. If you want lasting life change and exgtreme JOY it starts here”

“I love this memership! It really is like a school – there are so many courses to choose from. I like how she says it’s like the “Netflix of Self Help” because that helps me take it a piece at a time and not feel overwhelemed. She has over 20 years of experience and shares such great and helpful tips that anyone can appy, whether you’re new to the health and wellness area or you’ve been in this space for a while. She speaks with authority, genuineness, and encourages you in your journey. Sign up yesterday!”

I absolutely love all of the wisdom that Susie shows up with week after week. I always walk away from a live coaching or a coursewith new insights and action steps to take into my daily life.  Sometimes with self help, I can feel overwhelmed or defeated, like there’s so much to do. Not here. Susie keeps things simple and straight forward. Keep inspiring me Susie!!”

“Susie is the reason I feel so much better today. I am so deeply grateful for her coaching, her knowledge, and her energy and dedication. I would not be where I am now without her”

“I am beyond grateful that I found this membership and pray that she never stops sharing her knowledge to help us live lives we love. Thank you Susie from the depths of my soul, for getting others to believe in the possibilities life has for us!!”

“This group has helped me change my life in little and big ways. The way she helped me “hack my brain” means that, years later, I’m still doing it! Thank you Susie! I wish I had signed up sooner!!”