think of this like “adult school”


Weekly Live Group Coaching

Monthly Challenges & Themes

Daily Support

Monthly Book Club

Heart-Centered Judgement-Free Community

You keep growing and mentally maturing. What do you do for your learning?

there’s nothing that says that life can’t keep getting better and better.


join women like you in making the second part of our lives the best yet.



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This Membership is for You if:

  • You’re a woman age 40 and over
  • You identify as a “lifelong learner”
  • You want a place where you can learn about new things and implement them into your life.
  • You are experiencing perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms
  • You’ve ever told yourself you “should” be happier than you are
  • You want support, accountability, or direction.
  • You want help with codependency
  • Your want to be the best YOU that you can be: the best Mom, the best Wife, the best Worker, the best YOU
  • Your life looks good on the outside but doesn’t feel good on the inside.
  • You sometimes wonder if anyone else feels like you.
  • You want to feel happier with your life choices
  • You sometimes feel like no one knows (or appreciates) all that you do.

It is time to Live a Life you LOVE!! 

This is your one life. 

There is no dress rehearsal.  

Studies show women in their midlife are the unhappiest they’ve ever been.

I don’t know about you but that’s not a statistic I want any part of.

I have studies happiness, behavior, wellness, and women’s health to bring you a monthly membership to redefine aging.

To make midlife magical.

To change that statistic.

The time is now.  

Don’t wait.

Make this month, this year, this decade different. 

Join the group of women who are redefining aging.

Become a midlife warrior today.

It is Time. 

I dedicate this program to you!

By the time we reach midlife, we have established habits and ways of doing things. Some of these habits are helpful and some are not.

I’ve seen it all and am trained to help you take the shortest path towards more life satisfaction.

life coach for women, mindset coach, midlife coach

I’ve been coaching and leading women for more than 2 decades. The main feedback I hear is “I help women feel better.”

The main complaint I hear is “Why did I wait so long to work with a life coach?!?” 

Life can be hard. Don’t make it harder than it has to be by doing this on your own or telling yoruself you can figure it out. That’s a waste of your time here on earth.

I should know – I started my business because my dear friend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and died  while we were in our 30s. Life can be dramatically short.

Don’t waste another day.

Join the movement today.

It’s time.

  • Weekly Live Coaching ($150 per week=$600)
  • Monthly Trainings ($200)
  • Daily Accountability posts ($175)
  • Monthly themes with challenges ($100)
  • Quarterly Book Selection and Discussion ($150)

Priced Separately
Value over $1,000

The Membership’s Price: $48

Joining a community of like-minded midlife warriors?


Can I do this program if I already work one-on-one with Susie as a coaching client?

  • YESSSS! I designed this for you! In our private sessions we get to talk about the life issues specific to you that you want that one-on-one Susie touch. 
  • This membershp is a perfect, low cost way to learn how to thrive in midlife!

 What if I miss a training?

  • While I highly encourage you to attend the training, book discussion, or weekly coaching live, the trainings will be recorded and shared afterwards.

How is this membership different than other memberships out there? 

    • In every way. It provides more resources, more support, more expert guidance, more research at an unbeatable cost.
    • I designed this membership because I couldn’t find a group doing the same thing: supporting women in their midlife in a forward-focused positive way. I want to provide a space where women can come to learn about all aspects of their life.
    • It combines so much: positive psychology, womens wellness, cognitive behavioral coaching with the real life experience of a mom of 5 with a masters in Education.

    Money Back Guarantee 

    That’s right dear warrior, if you follow along, show up for the weekly calls, engage with the posts, listen to the trainings and don’t see results, I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. 

    Further, this isn’t an annual commitment. The commitment is month to month. You pay in advance for the month yet can cancel the upcoming month any time before the next month begins. 

    To be eligible for a refund, you must complete the work, the assignments, and participate in the trainings. If you still don’t see a positive change, I need to know! Send me everything you’ve completed and I will send you a FULL refund.