What’s the Secret to

Feeling Better Fast?

Emotional and Mental Strength.

The stronger you feel emotionally, the more in control of your life you feel.

Having emotional and mental strength empowers us to navigate the busy, roller coaster lives we are living. 

The problem is, we weren’t taught these things in school.

We were taught things like formulas for parallelograms and how to cite a research study. Skills that build our intellectual intelligence but not our emotional intelligence or mental strength.

Which means we can live lives that are “working” on the outside but don’t feel so good inside. 

Join this 6-week program to learn the skills that will help you FEEL BETTER in your everyday life.


  • Learn (and Practice) the Four Habits Proven to Raise Your Happiness Set Point
  • Discover How To Feel More In Control of your Feelings
  • Build Emotional Resilience so other people's feelings and opinions don't impact you as much
  • Build the Habit of Doing What You Say You'll Do
  • Learn Self Control and Discipline Tools

I’m Susie Pettit

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Life Coach

I am here to Help You Find JOY in Your Everyday Life

When I first found coaching, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been taught the things I was learning! Learning about emotional intelligence and building my mental and emotional strength has helped me so much in my life. I’ve found it most helpful in my own relationships: with my kids, my spouse, and with myself. It’s also raised my confidence, silence my inner critic, and go after big goals in my professional life. I developed this program to teach the foundations as simply and quickly as possible so you can experience emotional freedom and joy as well. 


Daily Support in Private Group

This program provides support from a certified coach (Susie) in addition to the group support of other warriors going through what you are going through.

Value: $125/week
Five week Total: $625

Weekly Live Coaching Calls 

Susie comes on live each week to provide guidance, knowledge, and support. This is a favorite piece of the program – which is an especially awesome reason to do it in this group setting!

Value $225/week
Five Week Total: $1125

Daily Accountability

What you do daily matters, thus, you will be turning in daily progress reports to hold yourself accountable and to establish the four happiness habits.

Value: $100/week
Program Total: $500


Expert Weekly Trainings

Learn the why behind the habits and the behaviors so that you have the tools to feel better.

This program uses my years of research on happiness, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, and behavior to help you feel happier each and every day. 

Value: $250/week
Program Total: $1250


Value: $3500.00

Upcoming Program Price: $888

Current Price! $648

Building your Mental and Emotional Strength?


About Me

Hi, I’m Susie! A Cognitive Mindset Certified Life Coach (and mom of 5!) I have worked with women and adolescents for 20+ years. I’ve studied human behavior and our brain in order to be able to present my most popular and successful program to you.

Let me help you build your emotional and mental strength so you feel more joy in your everyday life.

This program uses my years of research on happiness, positive psychology, neuroplasticity, (and even a classroom teacher!) to help you feel happier each and every day.


“Susie is the reason I feel so much better today. I am so deeply grateful for this program, her coaching, her knowledge, and her energy and dedication. I would not be where I am now without her”

“I am beyond grateful that I found this program and pray that she never stops sharing her knowledge to help us live lives we love. Thank you Susie from the depths of my soul, for getting others to believe in the possibilities life has for us!!”

“This program helped me change my life in little and big ways. The way she helped me “hack my brain” means that, years later, I’m still doing it! Thank you Susie! I wish I had taken this program in college!!”

Money Back Guarantee

That’s right dear warrior, if you follow along, do the parts of this program and don’t see results, I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.

I AM SO CONFIDENT in this class that I offer a full money back guarantee!

To be eligible for this guarantee and refund, you must complete the work, the assignments, and participate in the group coaching. If you don’t see a positive change in your life, I need to know!  I will send you a refund.