3 Steps to Less Suffering

  1. STOP: Seriously. Right now S.T.O.P. Stop what you’re doing in order to START to pay attention to what you’re thinking. What are you telling yourself? Which thoughts do you repeatedly think, day after day?
  2. SHOWER: Shower yourself in kindness. Instead of criticizing yourself for thinking what you’re thinking (our normal reaction), pour some kindness on yourself and on those thoughts. Try saying: “Isn’t that interesting that that’s what I’m thinking”.
  3. SELECT: Select a different path. If you want to have less suffering, you have to choose to do something differently. Ask: “What can I learn from this?” or “Why am I thinking that?”.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day. Not paying attention to the thoughts we’re thinking, is like not paying attention to our toddler in a toy store.
If you want to learn about some tools to help you Stop, Shower, and Select, contact me for a free mini-coaching session.
I’ve been in your shoes. Life can be calmer. Pain happens. Suffering is optional. Why prolong your suffering? Free. 20 minutes. Certified Coach. What thoughts are you telling yourself about that?