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I’ll make it simple for you.

  • If you want ONE-on-ONE PRIVATE COACHING see if I have room on my schedule. I believe everyone should have a life coach and I’d love to be yours!
  • If you want to set yourself up for success in a proactive way, THE LOVE YOUR LIFE SCHOOL is for you. It’s a monthly membership where you get support for the things you’re going through (parenting teens, empty nesting, midlife reinvention (or midlife blah!), wondering if you want to stay or leave a relationship) but don’t have time to think about. This is a set it and forget it: Choose one thing to do each week and watch yourself feel better. The Love Your Life School is a perfect place to learn and practice the things that will make your life feel easier. Things like: like boundaries, mindful communication, positive parenting, conscious living, intentional living, emotional eating, cell use, aging parents, etc. I’d love to see you on campus!
  • If you want a bit of both, a great place to start is by taking the FINDING JOY IN EVERYDAY LIFE program. It teaches the foundation of happiness, life satisfaction, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness all while getting my personal attention. If you want to feel better fast, this is it.


No matter your age or stage, if you have kids over the age of 10, do yourself (and them 😉) a favor and take my quick, all online PARENTING COURSE. You will learn the foundations to raise resilient and less anxious kids that we weren’t taught in school, nor what is modeled for us in most of society or our own youth.

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