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Manage Menopause with Maryon Stewart

Manage Menopause with Maryon Stewart

Ever have a hot flash or know someone who has? 🙄
Did you know that “sucking it up to just get through it” is not only emotionally unsupportive but a medically dangerous approach to midlife?
Not on my watch, warriors!
I have the most amazing interview for you today – chock full of information whether you’re in perimenopause (the 8 years before our periods end), have passed through menopause, or know someone who has/is.

Maryon Stewart is a SENSATION in the UK because of her knowledge about and advocacy for women’s health. I am DELIGHTED to have her on the show today because she’s all about providing SOLUTIONS and filling us with HOPE!
Listen in to the episode and then head to the show notes to get all of the awesome details and GOODIES!
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Happiness Habits

Happiness Habits

Have you ever started a day thinking: “Today I’m going to _________” only to find yourself getting into bed that night thinking: “DAMMIT! that didn’t happen!” and felt disappointed and discouraged?
Me too!
And listen in dear one, because not only do I share some GREAT NEWS, I also provide an easy way to FEEL BETTER.
This is what I’m about, dear warrior. Supporting women like you so you can feel better, have more ease in your life.
If we haven’t yet worked together, RUN over to to see if my program is still open. I threw all my best help in there for the busy woman who wants fast action. I am all about efficiency and your time is very important to me. Your happiness is also super important to me and this program is perfect for you. Learn more now!
Show notes for this episode
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~*~*~*~THANK YOU WARRIOR!~*~*~*~

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Empowering Women with Melody Pourmoradi

Empowering Women with Melody Pourmoradi

Wondering how to help your daughter’s confidence and self image?
Concerned about your child’s inner talk?
Wondering how to help your child with perfectionism?
Or are you focused more globally and wondering how to impact people to show up as their best selves?
Wherever you are on your journey, this interview is for you!
Today on the show, I have author and empowerment expert, Melody Pourmoradi. Our conversation inspired me and I can’t wait for it to do the same with you!
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Susie’s videos

positive_150Susie is one of the most positive people I’ve ever known!

She inspires me constantly to believe in myself and to take the time to take care of myself.

Susie has taught me so much and I’m grateful to know her!!!

emily_150Susie’s sunny disposition is unwavering and contagious: from our sessions together to her upbeat texts she’ll send reminding me of how to “stay well” (basically stay sane.)

Highly recommend for anyone needing some solid centering.

20_150More important than the 20 pounds I’ve lost since starting with SMB, is my improved relationship with exercise + my body!