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When was the last time you let yourself be bored? When was the last time you let yourself experience boredom?

If you’re anything like me and other humans, you go out of your way to not feel boredom. I would do most anything to avoid feeling the prickly discomfort of boredom. Sometimes that looked like me getting so busy I didn’t have time to be bored. Other times it looked like me over doing some aspect of my life to avoid my life: over watching Netflix, over eating, over exercising, over complaining. You get it…. The things I would do to avoid feeling the feeling of boredom were quite intense.

Listen in to this episode to learn why I’m taking more time to intentionally be bored this summer and why you may want to also.

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Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs

Hey dear warriors, I have a super simple message for you this week.
I have taken my studies, work, and research of over 2 decades and more than 150 podcast episodes to distill it all into one powerful message for you.
One super simple nugget.
A nugget that, if grasped and practiced, has the power to transform your life and your future.
Listen in. This episode is for you, dear one.
You matter to me.
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Become a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

Become a Boundary Boss with Terri Cole

I have wanted to have this star on the show for years, more than a decade to be honest! She was instrumental in helping me establish boundaries in my relationships, with my biological family and my ex husband.
Because of her work, I feel free and strong in my relationships. She has helped me remove so much drama from my life and I am beyond thrilled to bring her knowledge, message, and expertise to you in this episode. She continues to help me learn more about high functioning codependency so that I can support myself and my clients in midlife and beyond.
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Susie’s videos

positive_150Susie is one of the most positive people I’ve ever known!

She inspires me constantly to believe in myself and to take the time to take care of myself.

Susie has taught me so much and I’m grateful to know her!!!

emily_150Susie’s sunny disposition is unwavering and contagious: from our sessions together to her upbeat texts she’ll send reminding me of how to “stay well” (basically stay sane.)

Highly recommend for anyone needing some solid centering.

20_150More important than the 20 pounds I’ve lost since starting with SMB, is my improved relationship with exercise + my body!