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How To STOP listening to Other Peoples’ OPINIONS

How To STOP listening to Other Peoples’ OPINIONS

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought one of these thoughts about other people’s opinions:
-What will people think?
-How will they react?
-I wonder what people will say?
-What will people think about me?
I know I raised my hand!! 

Frustration and regret is born from paying too much attention to the wrong people’s opinions of us.
Listen in because today I detail the three biggest groups of dream stealers.
Further, we are going to get very clear on who’s opinions and thoughts of us matter.
My hope is that this episode feels like a SUPPORTIVE HUG so you can get your a$$ out there and LIVE A LIVE YOU LOVE!

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End Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

End Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

Ever wondered if you were an emotional eater?
Or, lol, is there no wondering about it….you’re quite sure?
Tune in to this week’s episode with Tricia Nelson. She is an expert on emotional eating and shares tips and tools with us today on how to stop.
Some of the things I learned today:
-What people pleasing has to do with emotional eaters
-Why Over-feelers are often over-eaters
-How to use her PEP test
and much more!
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Thank you in advance as that helps me continue to get these awesome guests for you!
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Weightloss, Appearance, and Ageism

Weightloss, Appearance, and Ageism

Think back over your life:
How much time do you think you’ve spent thinking about your weight, what you’re going to eat, or how you look?
Can you imagine what we could’ve created or accomplished if our brain had been directed differently?
It’s time for a shift.

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positive_150Susie is one of the most positive people I’ve ever known!

She inspires me constantly to believe in myself and to take the time to take care of myself.

Susie has taught me so much and I’m grateful to know her!!!

emily_150Susie’s sunny disposition is unwavering and contagious: from our sessions together to her upbeat texts she’ll send reminding me of how to “stay well” (basically stay sane.)

Highly recommend for anyone needing some solid centering.

20_150More important than the 20 pounds I’ve lost since starting with SMB, is my improved relationship with exercise + my body!