5 Tools for an Empty Nest

Many of you have children leaving for college this month. Change of any sort is difficult but there are some ways to make it easier.

1. Wellness: 

Look at how you’re taking care of yourself so that you can also take care of your child and family in the best way possible. Review the 5 pillars of wellness daily to keep your motivation up: Sleep. Food. Exercise. Soul Care. Relationships. Schedule it into your day. Commit to yourself and then honor your commitment.

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2. Feel:

Feel your feelings. You will have a wide range of emotions. Some days they’ll be stronger than others. Remind yourself that whatever you’re feeling is normal and that you can handle it.

Bonus Hug: Remind yourself of the four steps to feel your feelings: Listen or Read here.

3. Challenge Your Thoughts:

Learn to question what you’re thinking to make you sad or lonely. Are those thoughts true?

Recent research shows that parents (moms especially!) usually find greater life satisfaction and closer relationships after their kids leave home. How? This happens if they use their extra time to have a plan and can proactively prepare for this next stage of their life. The problem is…our brain! Our brains are hardwired to remember negative circumstances but remember, you are the master of your mind. Choose to be deliberate in managing it. Here two ways I suggest starting:

Set a Timer for 3 different times during the day: When it goes off, take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself these two questions:

    1. What am I thinking about?
    2. Are those helpful thoughts?

Spend 3 minutes a day doing a brain dump or thought download (writing your thoughts down on paper. When done, feel free to throw out what you wrote. The healing comes in the writing). 

Bonus Hug: Even more ways to help yourself, here are my top 10 ways to manage my emotional health

4. Connect:

If you are having a difficult time, seek support. Whether it be a coach, a trusted friend, or a family member, do not think you are alone. You are not superwoman and we are not meant to shoulder our burdens alone. Humans are social beings so empower yourself by reaching out.

Bonus Hug: See if The Love Your Life School is open for enrollment or schedule a one-on-one with me or your life coach. You will get through this faster and more skilled with support.

5. Manage Your Stress: 

Be super deliberate about taking care of yourself by doing these three things every day. No you aren’t too busy. When you do these, you will feel less stress, overwhelm and be in a better place to manage your mind so you can be the best mom possible.

Bonus Hug: Get my “Less Stress Checklist” for free and get started now. Click for Directions and Checklist now.

You matter mama! Let me know if you have any tools that have worked for you and your family.


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