Be More You!

As humans, we are programmed to evolve. At different points in our lives, situations arise that encourage us to let go of our old identities to evolve into a new best version of ourselves.
To reach a bit higher today that we did yesterday.
I am changing the focus of my business to do just that. For the past four years, I have mostly worked with women who are sick of dieting and want to lose weight once and for all. I have loved my work and have rejoiced in the success of my clients.

But, for the past 8 months my inner warrior has been trying to get my attention. She’s been mumbling and rumbling. She was trying to tell me that there was a disconnect in my business. I wasn’t doing what I was telling the world I was doing. My primary focus with clients was not food or hormones or anything that my training as a nutritionist would lead me to do if my primary focus is weight loss.

What am I doing? I ask questions: Why are they having that glass of wine? Why are they eating when they’re full? Why are they filling a bowl with ice cream when they want to be sleeping? The answers to those questions have nothing to do with the food.

My primary focus is not weight loss.
My focus is help you be more you.
To assist women as their inner warriors raise their voices.
To empower women to reach a bit higher.

It’s not about the food. It’s about what we do to avoid listening to our inner warriors. Do we drink a glass or two of wine at night? Do we shop more than we should? Do we quiet the warrior’s message with food?

Big Picture Answer: What do I do?
I help you be more you.

We are meant to be happy. We are not meant to suffer or be miserable.
We suffer when we are doing what others want us to do.
We suffer when we ignore our inner warrior’s wisdom.
When we suffer, we make choices that compromise our wellness.
When we compromise our wellness, we can’t show up as our clearest, wisest selves.

If you feel as if something is missing from your life, you’re right. It’s you. Click to sign up for a free coaching session and let me do what I’m here to do. Why wait?