8 Secrets To Life

Hello Warriors! Today’s episode is special because it’s my birthday! ๐ŸŽ‰

In July, I shared some of my favorite wellness practices. Many of you loved it and wanted more insights on how I support my mental, emotional, and physical health.

Yes, I’m a life coach, but I’m also human. I have my low moments, react impulsively, and sometimes say things I regret.

Birthdays make me reflective.

I ponder about my journey, my current state, and how I can share my experiences with all of you, my warriors. I’ve been thinking about what brings ease to my life and the practices that help me cherish my days. I’ve identified eight key things.

Here are the things that have me, feel vibrant and so excited about the life I’m living:ย 

  • Decisions ahead of time

First, I’ve learned the value of making decisions in advance. By planning when I’ll wake up, eat, exercise, check social media, work on my blog, and rest, I free up mental energy. Why? Because our brains are designed to conserve energy. Making decisions consumes more brainpower than following habits.

For instance, I’m currently learning to drive on the left in Australia. It’s mentally draining as I adapt to new rules and habits. But I know that, with time, driving will become second nature. This is because our brains are experts at turning conscious actions into unconscious habits to save energy.

Confusion and indecision drain our mental energy. So, why waste time debating when to exercise or what to eat? Make those decisions in advance. Your life is already busy. Save your energy for what truly matters.

  • Pain: Clean vs. Dirty

Second key to loving my life is recognizing the difference between clean pain and dirty pain. For a detailed explanation, check the link to this episode here.

  • Continuous personal growth

Third, I’m deeply committed to my personal growth and education throughout life. Whether it’s improving relationships, challenging limiting beliefs, or raising my standards, I’m always on a journey of self-improvement. My goal? To be the best version of myself.

Every birthday, I reflect and ask: “What’s my growth plan?” I plan in advance, ensuring consistent progress. That’s why I designed the LYLSchool the way I did. Just one video a week can transform a student’s life in a year. Small, consistent steps lead to significant changes. I witness this daily in the school and apply the same principle to my life.

  • Power of boundaries

Fourth on my list, master the art of setting boundaries, both with yourself and others. Personal boundaries might include refraining from negative self-talk or staying true to your commitments. Meanwhile, boundaries with others can mean not tolerating yelling or avoiding gossip.

  • Bridge thoughts

Fifth, embrace the concept of bridge thoughts and incorporate them into your daily routine. Always have one bridge thought you’re actively practicing. For a deeper understanding, check the link to the bridge thoughts episode here.

  • Name it to tame it

Sixth, currently I’m deeply immersed in the practice of truly feeling my emotions. When I turned 50, I committed to becoming adept at experiencing all emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones. The more I embrace these feelings, the less anxiety and chaos I encounter. It’s an ongoing journey, and I’m fully committed. I’ve also gathered numerous resources on this topic.

  • When you ask your brain a question, answer it.

Seventh, our brains, being inherently human, will occasionally throw out unexpected or odd questions. I invite you to practice this. When your brain asks you a question, stop to answer it. Remember to think of your brain like a computer. When you ask it a question, it’s the equivalent of opening a new browser window on your desktop and it will keep searching for the answer you ask. Talk about a waste of energy. When you answer the question, you close that window. Easy brain hack that saves me a lot of mental energy.

  • Responsibility: Own it

Eighth, the principle of radical responsibility. While it might seem like I’ve tucked this away as the last point, it’s arguably the most crucial. Owning responsibility for my actions, results, and emotions has been pivotal in shaping the life I cherish. I’ve chosen to be the hero of my story, not the victim.

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