What do do when you feel angry? What can you do when you feel anger?

  • How often do you feel anger about things that happened in your past?
  • How much resentment do you hold towards other people?
  • How annoyed are you at other family members?
  • Or maybe you’re never angry. You say “It’s all right” or “it’s okay” more times a week than you can count.

This episode is for you. Anger happens. When we resist it, ignore it, or try to talk it away, our mental and physical health suffers. Let me help you move through anger in helpful, not hurtful ways.

Big A and little a Anger

Listen in to this episode to learn three things:

  1. Where anger comes from
  2. The difference between big A anger and little A anger
  3. My favorite tools and techniques to process anger so that you can get on with living your best life.

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Joan Rosenberg’s 90 Second Reset on: YouTube  Apple Podcastanger, resentment, forgiveness

The Thought Model

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