Anti-Aging Skin Care with Natalie Bevans

Natalie Bevans is on the show today to teach us about anti-aging skin care. Our skin is our biggest organ and how we treat and care for it impacts our wellness. Natalie is here to help teach us about our skin and how to best support ourselves as we age.

Natalie Bevans has been a Master Aesthetician for 20 years and seen the struggles women go through with their skin. She has worked with anything from acne to rosacea and everything in between. Natalie educates women about their skin and teaches us how to better understand the issues we’re having.

In Natalie’s own words: “Skincare is confusing and overwhelming to women. I am here to cut through that confusion and give clear answers.Β  I love educating women on their skin and getting to that Ah ha moment where it all comes together to build back their confidence!”

Listen in to the Anti-Aging Skin Care episode

I profoundly enjoyed my conversation with Master Aesthetician, Natalie Bevans. She helped me see some of my own thinking patterns that were holding me back from best caring for my wellness in relation to my skin. I am thrilled to share this conversation with you where we dive into:

  • The impact of stress on our skin
  • How our skin care relates to our wellness
  • The importance of properly caring for our skin as we age,
  • What to look for in products
  • Which procedures or products are needed or necessary as we age (Susie got some private advice here!)
  • Whether our macros affect our skin
  • The surprising thing to learn about our devices,
  • Which questions to ask at your facials,
  • and much more!

Learn more about Anti-Aging Skincare Here:

I recommend Natalie’s Instagram account as her reels and posts have bite-sized information that has been helpful for me.

Further, she is giving you this free guide for very simple, daily habits you can add in to start your journey to healthy, glowing skin.

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Personally I am thrilled that I had this conversation. I learned a lot and the information she shared motivated me into action! I changes up my sun block application and scheduled a facial consult! What about you? What were your takeaways? Did you come away with some action steps for yourself too? Let me know in the comments. I love sharing this journey of life with you!

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