Who are the Anxiety Sisters?

The anxiety sisters are two women who are here to help you! Their names are Maggie Sarachek and Abbe Greenberg and they have created a plethora of resources to help us all! Without a doubt, these two women have helped to normalize the discussion of anxiety while providing practical tools to help us when we experience anxiety. 

Abbe Greenberg, MCIS, and Maggie Sarachek, MSW, are trained counselors, mental health advocates, researchers, educators, writers, and long-time anxiety sufferers. In 2017, they launched their online community which now includes more than 200 thousand people in 200+ countries and territories. In addition to their award-winning blog, they host a monthly podcast and wrote a book! Furthermore,  they spend their time coaching anxiety sufferers and conducting workshops and retreats.

Listen in to Learn:

  • The healing power in social connection
  • What happens in our brain when we’re anxious
  • How having strong emotions does not make you broken—it makes you human
  • Find relief from catastrophizing, over thinking, and repetitive thoughts.
  • How Susie, Maggie and Abbe live happily with anxiety (and you can too!),
  • An evidence-based toolkit, filled to the brim with techniques and strategies
  • What a spin kit is and how it can help you

Find the Anxiety Sisters Hereanxiety, Susie Pettit, anxiety sisters

The Anxiety Sisters Website

The Spin Cycle Podcast

Their Book: The Anxiety Sisters Guide

The Anxiety Sisters on Instagram

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