Your Best Year Yet

No matter when you’re listening to this, I invite you to close your eyes and picture yourself, a year from now, having just had your best year yet. What would it look like? Which things would change? Are there things that would stay the same?

Furthermore, what is holding you back from that best year yet? Which excuses are coming up in your head to keep you in the patterns you’re currently experiencing? What is holding you back from believing in yourself and in your dreams?Fbest year, what are you tolerating, midlife coach

Our Powerful Brain

Our primitive brain doesn’t like it when we begin to dream and visualize a future different than our past. When our brain is in charge, it can only pull on what it knows. Consequently, we get more of the same.

Our brain is predictive. It repeats all the thoughts we’ve already thought that have gotten us the results we currently have in our life. Decidedly leading us to feel like we’re living the same year over and over. Experiencing similar patterns in our relationships, self, and professional lives. 

For this reason, I am passionate about explaining how our brain works, its’ motivational triad, and teaching about emotional intelligence. Furthermore, our ability to pull on our true human ability as homo sapiens sapiens, to think about what we think about, is crucial for our evolvement. If we continue to let our brain run the show, it repeats all the thoughts we’ve already thought that have gotten us the results that we currently have in our life. We get more of the same.

Not On My Watch.

In earlier episodes of this show, I’ve given you the tools to begin to let go of this limiting thinking. This often involves letting go of what others think of you, to start to move away from pleasing others to move towards the deeper work of caring and pleasing yourself. If you’re part of my membership, we take this work and dive deeper to make sure that we are supporting ourselves, our dreams, and our possibilities.

Our brain’s job is to keep us alive and so, it uses our past thinking to insure we make it to another day. It is not interested in whether we are happy or satisfied on that journey, only that we are alive. Ultimately alive is a goal, for sure. Yet, alive and unmotivated; alive and unfulfilled, alive and unconnected? 

Grow or Shrink

It should be noted that we are either growing or shrinking. There is no standing still in humaning. In other words, there is no option to stay the same. The universal system is set up to push us into discomfort so that we grow. Pushing us to evolve and reach for that next higher branch.

Each human being is unique. In the same way that we have unique fingerprints and DNA, we have unique dreams and desires. We are given the dreams we have to fulfill our purpose here on earth. The desires you have are unique to you and serve to point you in the direction of your next best self.

Your Best Year Yet

There are no accidents or coincidences in life. If you’re listening to this episode, it is time. You are ready. Let all the other noise of life melt away and hear me say just this to you: It is your time. Today I give you a loving, swift and supportive, kick in the pants. No more waiting. There will be no more excuse making. No more buying into other people’s stories of what is possible for you. 

First: Word of the Yearword of the year or resolutions, New Years resolutions, 2022

No matter what time of year you’re listening to this,  go to and choose a word of the year. Preferably one that makes you feel a bit nervous. Choose a word that pushes that primitive brain to believe a bit bigger. Furthermore, commit to having dreams and desires that fall outside of your ‘safe’ zone. 

Second: Intentional Dream Time

Get in the habit of scheduling time to listen to your inner guide. If you’re anything like me, we are so busy running from one thing to the next that we don’t allow any time to dream or leave space for what I call the spiritual downloads. Usually we are rushing from one thing to the next that we forget to look up and examine the life we are living. Step two is about taking intentional action to dream and all for spiritual downloads. Saying you’ll do it some day or tomorrow doesn’t cut it. You know what they say, tomorrow never comes. Put it in your schedule and do it regularly this year.

Step Three: Action time

Finally, it is time to take action on your unique dreams and desires. You don’t need to see the whole path or know exactly how it will all play out, you just need to take your next right step. In this week’s podcast episode I give many examples of how you can begin taking small steps towards your best year yet. Listen in and get started. 

Your dreams require thought discipline. Pay attention to what you say to yourself about yourself.

The minute you pause to dream to think of your future self, your primitive brain is going to begin to throw up excuses to keep you safe. It is your job as an evolving human to not listen to every dumb thought your brain thinks. Get clear on what you want to believe is possible for your next year.

Best Possible vs Good Enough

Do you find yourself still holding yourself back from dreaming? From letting you brain wander and dream of your best possible days and life? Are you using your past as an example of what’s possible for you?

For help on your journey, please get a coach to help you see where you’re making excuses in your life and to help you understand why you’re fighting for your limitations. 

I’ve had a lot of wonderful women over 40 sign up for my monthly membership lately. How promising for us and our future. What are you waiting for? I’m here today to urge you to stop the wait. You have something to offer that no one else does. It’s time.

”Why are you spending mental energy generating excuses to keep yourself stuck, to live in a way that doesn’t serve you? #limitingbeliefs” username=”SusieBarolo”]

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