Unconditional Love and Boundaries

Boundaries and unconditional love. No matter which order you put them, the question is, do they go together? Is it possible to have unconditional love with boundaries in relationships? My answer is an unwavering and mandatory yes!

Further, boundaries must be a part of healthy relationships. Without boundaries, our unconditional love makes us doormats. Don’t miss last week’s episode on unconditional love. It is a graduate level skill and that all of us listeners are capable of doing as long as it goes hand in hand with boundaries!

Healthy Boundary Setting

Beware as boundaries can weaponized too! When beginning to set boundaries, some Β set them from a place of anger, as if it’s a type of punishment. This is an unhealthy boundary. Boundaries are not something we do to the other person.Β 

When you learn how to set boundaries from an expert, like myself, boundaries are never done TO the other person. Those sort of boundaries are set from a place of anger and control versus healthy boundaries. The boundaries that belong in a healthy, thriving relationship are done from a place of care and love FOR the relationship. boundaries and unconditional love, Susie Pettit, rethinking boundaries, manual relationships

Listen in to this episode:

  • Learn what makes a healthy boundary
  • Listen to understand how unconditional love and boundaries go hand in hand
  • Learn how to state and set boundaries in your relationships
  • Listen to learn how to avoid 90% of relationship problems
  • Learn how people pleasing and being a good girl can harm us,
  • Much more

Listen to the Boundary and Unconditional Love Episode Here:

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