Change is hard.
Physical, mental, emotional, medical….all change is hard.

If you are changing your exercise routine, it is hard to push your muscles past the comfort zone. You will feel muscle soreness as your physical self changes. Muscle fibers break apart as they grow stronger. Yes hard. Good hard.

If we are changing a mindless eating pattern, like eating in front of the computer, we will need to change our thoughts so as to stop that hand from reaching for the food. It is harder to resist mindless eating than it is to eat. Yes, hard. Good hard.

So yes, change is hard. But guess what? The pay off is HUGE and EXCITING!

Easy experiment: If you haven’t done a pushup in a while, try doing 5 on your toes right now.
And then again tomorrow.

And each day this week.

Report in the comments what you discover….My guess is that today 5 will seem challenging. (all the way down, all the way up). You might think some negative thoughts about yourself. Tomorrow, your arms might be a bit sore as you do your five. You might think some even more negative thoughts. But keep going. By Friday, your arms will no longer be sore and five will not feel so challenging. Best part?! That voice in your head might even prompt a proud smile and the thought: “Check me out, I did it!”

Human beings are meant to evolve.
We stretch.
We grow.
Where would you like some growth in your life? Start small (like 5-push up small).

Guess what – there’s still time to sign up for my 6-week program. This is exactly the kind of work we would do in the program. If you want to make changes in your life, ask yourself why you’re waiting. If it’s because it’s hard, well then, decision made. Change is always hard, it won’t get any easier, so….#GoForIt =D