Difficult People

You’re probably familiar with them, and if not, chances are you know someone who could benefit from some guidance in dealing with difficult individuals. So, guess what’s on the agenda for this week’s episode of the Love Your Life Show? That’s right – we’re diving deep into the topic of difficult people. In previous episodes, we’ve covered dangerous relationships. Next week, we’ll have an expert joining us to assist those who have endured more toxic and extreme situations. Please be sure not to miss that one as the information she shares is helpful to us all.

Highlights of this episode:

  • The importance of prioritizing support for those in toxic relationships
  • How to identify characteristics of difficult people
  • What it means to be in a relationship with someone low on emotional intelligence
  • Recognizing unhealthy dynamics
  • Discuss the characteristics of difficult people, particularly their low emotional intelligence
  • How setting boundaries can lead to healthier relationships
  • Practical tools for dealing with difficult people

Resources Mentioned

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