Welcome Warriors to another episode where I’m excited to share my insights and research to help you shape a life that resonates with your true values. From the research I had on life satisfaction, positive psychology, habit formation, brain science, human development, and more, I’ve uncovered a universal truth: a life that thrives is one where you’re guided by your values.


A Personal Crusade

Why have I delved so deeply into this realm? Because I’m convinced that when your inner flame burns brightly, and you immerse yourself in activities you adore, surrounded by a supportive tribe, the world blossoms for everyone. This belief is at the core of our existence – to embrace our passions, heed the call of our inner warrior, and amplify its voice.


The Power of Embracing Individuality

Embrace your uniqueness, for there’s no clone of you anywhere. By offering you a myriad of permission slips to explore your identity, I aim to help you distinguish your inner voice from the external chatter. By pursuing your passions, you unlock the whispers of your inner warrior, elevating your existence in the process.


A Task Before the Week Ends

Today, I present an imperative call to action – a mandate to be completed before the week concludes. While this podcast is a beginning, those engaged in the Love Your Life School experience deeper, personalized support in translating these insights into actionable steps. For now, let me unveil the grand panorama, igniting your determination to embark on this journey.


Embrace the Discomfort

So, what’s this step, you ask? It’s about uncovering your values. Not in a vague, abstract “I value honesty” manner, but through a profound alignment of your daily life with these guiding principles. Hence, the reason I’m beseeching you to undertake this one task before the week wraps up. Much of our stress and anxiety stem from failing to live the life we’re meant for – one that resonates with our values. When our calendar aligns with these values, an enchanting symphony of positive shifts takes place. Depression recedes, anxiety dissipates, happiness soars, and a profound sense of pride takes root.


Living by Your Values

Recall the recent instance where I expounded on the belief that your existence serves a purpose – that your desires and abilities are meant to be cultivated, honed, and celebrated. This journey necessitates veering away from societal expectations and external pressures. Instead, we embrace what resonates within us, what fuels our inner fire.


The Season of Transitions and Transformation

Why this focus now, you wonder? This juncture marks a time of transitions, whether driven by shifts in weather, education, career, or personal goals. As we navigate these transitions, discomfort invariably emerges. However, the key is to anticipate this discomfort, acknowledging its presence as an inevitable part of change. By embracing discomfort and understanding its transient nature, we become resilient – warriors ready to confront any storm.


Confronting Discomfort Head-On

However, the ultimate pillar of strength lies in knowing your values – now, without delay, before life sweeps you away. Many of us have neglected to reassess our values post-pandemic, and this oversight has induced anxiety. With the world in flux, sticking to old patterns breeds frustration and discontent. To bask in inner peace, discerning and prioritizing your values is paramount. Such alignment fosters emotional liberation, leading to a value-driven life that transcends fleeting emotions.


The Journey of Values

Imagine a life wherein your daily actions resonate harmoniously with your values. I recall my own journey, where I allowed external opinions to dictate my choices. But through self-awareness and value-driven living, transformation took hold. I shed the shackles of people-pleasing, forging a path that aligned with my aspirations. With newfound clarity, my responses shifted, my children’s needs were met with understanding, and harmony pervaded.


Nurturing Your Inner Dialogue

However, the journey of values is ongoing, evolving as life changes. By tracking our thoughts, we can determine where our focus lies – in the lives of others or in our aspirations. Elevating our thoughts propels collective growth. The era of self-abandonment is fading, as we acknowledge that prioritizing our needs fuels the progress of all. This seismic shift propels us toward a brighter future.


Embracing Change and Personal Fulfillment

In a world transitioning from gender norms and patriarchal paradigms, embracing your values is revolutionary. As we step into the era of the Great Awakening, individual well-being fuels global transformation. Join me in this mission – enroll in the Love Your Life School, access my value exercises, and embark on a journey toward illumination.



Let your weekly schedule reflect your top values, illuminating a life you adore. Know that I’m here, cheering you on with unwavering belief. It’s time to embark on a life aligned with your values, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.



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