It’s time to break free from feeling fear around emotions like anxiety, guilt, or shame to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Sherianna Boyle shows us how to tap into the power of your emotions and reveal its gifts of resiliency, hope, empathy, and purpose. By viewing our emotions in this new and empowering perspective, you will find peace and be able to embrace the person you were meant to be.

Join me as I chat with emotional detox coach and author Sherianna Boyle about her latest book, Energy in Action. Discover how to redefine action as the movement of energy within our bodies and use the spiritual laws of the universe to create balance and harmony in our lives.

This episode is perfect for anyone who grew up in a house where we not only weren’t taught how to feel emotions, but often we were punished for showing emotions. If you feel fear thinking of feeling feelings or being emotional, don’t miss this episode. Sherianna Boyle is on the show to help us find freedom and love in our emotional experiences.

Who is Sherianna Boyle?

Sherianna is an author, the founder of Emotional Detox Coaching®, creator of the Cleanse Method.®, an adjunct Psychology Professor, and a cool and calm yoga instructor. She combines her skills to introduce us all to her methodology on the show.

Today on the show, Sherianna and I dig into:⁣

  • What emotions are
  • Spiritual laws of the universe
  • Clear reactivity
  • What is a cleanse
  • Susie’s personal emotional cleanse!
  • Anxiety, shame, and guilt


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⭐️ Emotional Detox for Anxiety


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