Do you start your day with a bunch of energy and excitement only to find that by 10AM you are ready to crawl back into bed? Or do you start your day wondering how to get the energy to get out of bed in the first place? There is another way. Here are three tools that work for me energize my days. 

1) Move Energy: 

If you are working at your screen and your attention is wandering or you are sitting on the floor playing with your toddler and your eyes keep closing, GET UP! Literally, move some energy. Some suggestions:

  • Put on some music + dance for one song.
  • Do 10 jumping jacks.
  • Run a flight of stairs (or two).
  • Do five pushups.

2) Schedule Your Days: 

Every piece of them. Schedule everything you do in a day. Everything. Write down your appointments for sure but but also your trips to the supermarket, your exercise, your meals, your showers, your sleep, and even when you’re going to schedule for the next day. The more we schedule, the less anxious we are. The more you schedule, the free-er you will feel. The more you schedule, the more mindful you are. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during the day, looking at your schedule can bring you right back to the present moment. I might feel stress and think: I have so much to do but when I stop and look at my schedule, it brings me back in line with my priorities. Added bonus: the less we have to stop and think: what’s next, the better. If we know when we’re going to the market and what we’re getting, our brain can focus on more important tasks like tool number 3…. 

3) Savor:

Look around. What is great about your life? Turn off your music or TV, put down your phone and find something to savor. Look out the window. Is the sky pretty? How does your chair feel under your butt? Slow down to savor the little things in your life. Gratitude is the number one indicator of whether someone feels joy in their life or not. Get in the habit of gratitude. Think of triggers in your daily life that can trigger you to pause and savor cut energy energize gratitude  gratitude practice For example, I pause at the door of my house to think of one thing I’m grateful for. Even if it’s raining. Even if I’m holding grocery bags. Even if my son is telling me to hurry. It can be as simple as: I’m grateful to have this house to come home to”. The important piece is to stop and savor.


Let me know what you do to re-energize your day. 

Tool Number Four? Get A Coach! We were never meant to do this alone!