How to Get Out of a Rut

How are you feeling these days? Many of us are feeling burnt out and exhausted which is why I’m thrilled to share with you this post and how to get out of a rut. Life is full of highs and lows. That’s part of being human. The part I help people with is making sure they’re not making their life harder than it needs to be. Today’s episode will help you learn how to get out of a rut.

Fundamentally, the most important thing you can do when in a rut and when trying to get out of a rut, is to choose to support yourself. What that means is you don’t criticize yourself or shame yourself for being in a bad or dark mood. These things happen. Choose to be supportive of yourself for yourself.

Further, surround yourself with people whom I call “safe containers”. People who will allow you to feel without trying to fix. People who will listen to you without judging you. If you don’t have supporters around you, surround yourself with podcasts like this one. Do NOT call a critical parent or friend. Please cut conversations short if someone says you shouldn’t be feeling what you’re feeling. You need to feel your feelings, not have someone shame you for those feelings.

Listen in to Learn:

  • Why San Francisco comes up in coaching,
  • How to disrupt your brain’s patterns,
  • Four ways that help Susie get out of a rut,
  • Why Susie doesn’t recommend journaling or meditation when you’re in a deep, dark rut,
  • And much more

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