How are things? How’s your job? Life?”
Good enough

What does that even mean?
Good enough for what?
Why not aim for great? Super? Never better?
Why do we choose to continue doing what we’re doing when we’re just mediocre?

It’s the four-letter word: fear.
Fear of failing,
Fear of the unknown,
Fear of having to do something hard,
Fear of exposure.

Instead of risking failure and vulnerability, we choose to stay stuck. We tell ourselves it’s easier to be “good enough” than to face those fears.

Thing is, that doesn’t work. Use me as an example.
Instead of facing fear, what did I do?
I kept my mind busy by planning.
Planning what I would or wouldn’t eat,
Which activity I would bring the kids to,
When I would exercise,
Which errands I needed to run.
I kept myself busy so there was no time left to see what was really going on in my life.

Was I happy? No way.
Was this “good enough”? I certainly tried to convince myself it was but, in reality, my inner warrior was grumbling.

I finally faced my fear when my body fell apart. The things I was doing to avoid my fear were ruining my physical body. My eating habits were so bad that I was on the verge of anorexia. My left hamstring, achilles, and heel were all injured because I was over-exercising. I was so stressed that my hands swelled up to twice their size. While I kept thinking: “I can handle this”, my inner warrior rose to tell me otherwise.

So I stopped.
Stopped the over planning.
Stopped the over-exercising.
Stopped avoiding.
Stopped making excuses.
I faced the fear.

Did everything get rosy and beautiful and rainbowy? Not even close.. Not only did some of my worst fears come true, but I experienced things worse than I had ever imagined.

Does this mean that I’m puddle on the ground? Hell no. I’m better than I’ve ever been. Yes, I’ve had to work through some trauma. But I showed up for myself. I learned I can do hard things. We can only grow once we’ve fallen apart. Our worst nightmares might come true but leading with our inner warrior is freeing, liberating, and so much better than ‘good enough’.

What is holding you back?
I believed I was wrong.
I believed my “real self” wasn’t good enough.
I believed I didn’t deserve to speak up.

Today is my birthday and posting this is my gift to myself.
I am 44, I am a warrior, and I can not wait to see what this year holds.

I help women set their inner warriors free by empowering them in their relationships. Relationships with food. Relationships with money. Relationships with others. Slow down and listen. What is your inner warrior whispering?



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