Grief comes in many forms. The ones we think of surrounding the death of a loved one. Grief also comes in ways we don’t normally associate with it: a child going off to school, the end of a relationship, the end of a job, etc…

This week I have Donna Ferris on the show to speak to us about grief. She provides many excellent tips and tools on how to manage grief and change. Listen in to this great episode and then check out the links at the end of this episode to learn more about where to find Donna. 

Listen in to Learn Tools to Help when Grieving

  • Tools to help when grieving
  • How guilt can show up 
  • Why self care matters 
  • How patience plays a role
  • Common helpful (and unhelpful) thoughts when grieving
  • Tips and strategies for the holidays

How to Ride the Wave when Grieving

Listen in to hear more about each of these ways on how to ride the wave:

  1. Allow the feelings and waves.
  2. Do something creative.
  3. Try to refrain from something destructive (for me that was drinking or turning to over parent – using them to soothe loneliness)
  4. Declutter (your room or life) 
  5. Lose yourself in something 
  6. Daily habits are important
  7. Believe in magic

Listen to the episode here

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Resources Mentioned

7 Step Grief Survival Guide for the Holidays

8 Things to do When a Grief Wave Hits

Prayer book by Adriana Huffington’s Sister

Find Donna Here:

Donna on Instagram

Donna on LinkedIn

Donna’s Website with information on PROGRAMS

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