How is your July 2017 different than your January 2017?

What is different about this July 2017 and your last July 2016? How about your July 2012? Aside from your age, how have you grown? Where have you pushed yourself to your next best version of yourself? How have you evolved?

        What are you proud of that you’ve done in this new year of 2017?
        What are you proud of that you’ve done in this last year?
        What is one thing you can do today that will move you towards a life that feels better?

It is time. Consider this your permission slip; Your personal kick in the pants; A loving nudge. Whatever you need. Don’t wait until July 2018 to move. Move now. Change something. Look at the different areas of your life and choose one area to focus on. Here are some questions to help: 

  • How are your relationships? Relationships with your kids? They learn from watching us, not from listening to us. Go do. Take care of yourself. Who do you spend time with, in person or on the phone (mom or dad?). Do they fill you up? Do they support you? How is your romantic relationship? Are you content? How do you connect with him or her daily? Do you have fun? Do you share vulnerable pieces of yourself? How do you show him/her your love?
  • How is your health? How much sleep do you get each night? How rested do you feel? How often do you drink alcohol to “calm down”, “wind down”, or “get over your day”? How well do you treat your body? Do you feed it the food it needs? Move it the way it craves?
  • How is your wealth? Are you spending money on things that bring value to your life? Are you spending money that you don’t have? Why? Before you purchase something new, ask yourself: “Will I still use this in July 2018?” and “How does it add value to my life?” 
  • How do you manage your time? What have you been putting off or telling yourself that you “don’t have the time”. People tell me it isn’t the time for them to get a coach. Or, even better, that they don’t have the money. Yet, they self-medicate with wine most nights, their marriage is falling apart, they’re overweight, and they grow more and more disconnected from their kids and themselves each day. When will you have the money? When will you have the time? You must commit to a life you want. Start small. How much time do you waste in front of a screen? What would happen if you did something on your to do list instead of transferring it to the next list? How much time to you spend on Facebook? What would happen if you spent that time and sent a text to your spouse telling him/her what you love and appreciate about him/her? How we spend our time shows what we are prioritizing. Are you prioritizing what you want to be prioritizing? 

You must commit to a life you want. Take responsibility and do something today.

Start small.

Yes it can be scary. Yes, you may not want to.

Tough. You were given this one precious life. It is your duty to evolve into the being you are meant to be.

Choose one area and do something about it today.

You’ve got this.

You are a warrior and you’re here for a reason.

Go Live.

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