How People Pleasing is Making Women Sick

Let’s talk about how pleasing people makes women sick. And not just what we’ve been saying in terms of “I’m sick of this’ ‘ when we feel burnout or resentment. I discuss longitudinal research that finally shows the link between our life choices and many health diagnoses

What is People Pleasing

Today I describe and define a people pleasing behavior called self-silencing. Harvard-educated psychologist Dana Jack, first developed the term in the late 80s. She was looking to understand why so many more women than men suffered from certain physical ailments. 

What you will hear are a vulnerable and personal story of where I see myself learning to self-silence. You will discover what self-silencing is. Find out how people pleasing landed me in the ER, and our takeaways for a healthier future.

Mind and Body Connection

We have long talked on this show about the mind and body connection. In fact, my company links the two in it’s title: Strength: Mind & Body. How many of us question whether our physical ailments are connected to something going on in our lives? I study this stuff and I still find myself saying things like “I don’t know if this is related but…”.

 For this reason, and many more, I am super grateful for Dana Jack’s work. The Time Magazine article is for validating the connection between our mind and body. I hope you listen and then share this episode with at least one other women. We waste a lot of time in confusion, wondering why we are having a certain symptom.

While this study is alarming, I like using research like this to empower us all. We can do that by stepping out of confusion. We have to start accepting that our behaviors do affect our health. And by joining programs like the Love Your Life School where we learn and practice differently. I hope to see you on campus. Our lives literally depend on it.