How to Eliminate Hip and Back Pain with Fitness Pro Megan Dahlman

Today on the show we have Fitness Expert Megan Dahlman to help us eliminate hip and back pain. Megan Dahlman has become the sought after trainer for women over 40 who want to feel their physical best for years to come. With a degree in Exercise Science and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), she has an uncanny ability for taking complicated aspects about your body, and making them simple, doable, and sustainable. Her mission is to help every woman – no matter their age – feel strong, pain-free and confident in their bodies. 

Listen in to Learn:

  • Why does Megan choose to work with women over 50?
  • What is happening in our bodies in midlife that wasn’t happening before?
  • How learning about her acronym PSF will help you with your back pain
  • One thing you can do during your work day in less than a minute that positively impacts your metabolism AND mindset! 
  • The exact small things we can start today to ease back pain
  • How simple shifts with how we do our squats, shoulder rolls, and even take a breath (!) can help.




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