How to Follow Through with Your Goals

Warriors, we will be poking around the topic of how to follow through on our goals. It’s that time of the year when many of us start to doubt our New Year’s resolutions and goals. We might catch ourselves thinking that we’re not disciplined enough, not motivated enough, or that our goals aren’t realistic.

But here’s the thing: It’s not about our abilities or discipline. Rather, it’s all about the way we think about our goals. Our mindset and thinking matters! Furthermore, our thoughts have a powerful impact on our actions and whether we follow through on our aspirations. I want to empower you to recognize that your thoughts are not facts and that you have the power to change them.

Listen to this episode so I can teach you how to be persistent and committed to you this year! Let’s make it so that, at the first sign of doubt, instead of giving up, you double down and follow through with your belief in yourself and what you can accomplish!

Persistent Thinking

I saw this Instagram post “You were able to believe in Santa Claus for eight years, how about you believe in yourself and your New Year’s goals a bit longer too?” How true right?

As a coach I know the difference between clients who achieve their goals and those who don’t always comes down to the same thing. If they believe they can or if they believe they can’t. The thing with goals is that there is a big element of faith and belief required to go after our goals. In order to go after something that we don’t have, we have to have a sort of “delusional” belief (similar to how we believed in Santa or the tooth fairy) because it’s not a goal if we’ve already achieved it. 

Goal achievement takes a level of persistent thinking and stubborn commitment to something we don’t yet have or can’t see; similar to our thinking about Santa. Listen in to hear more real life examples that you can borrow to reinforce your belief in yourself and improve your goal achievement mindset.

Identifying Disempowering Self-Talk

Life coaches have noticed a disturbing trend. As we age, we tend to dismiss setting goals and instead set smaller, easily attainable objectives, and give up sooner. Therefore, I emphasize the need to stop blaming ourselves and instead recognize the lack of knowledge and skills in achieving goals. It is imperative for us to stop making our inability to follow through mean something about us; when it’s simply a lack of understanding of effective goal-setting and completion. 

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The Power of Thoughts and Feelings

In this episode of the Love Your Life Show, I discuss the misconceptions surrounding motivation, discipline, and inspiration. All of these feelings are driven by the thoughts we’re thinking. Listeners of the show know that thoughts are just sentences in our head.

One super helpful way to shift out of unhelpful thinking is to add: “right now” to the end of negative statements or “I notice I’m thinking the thought” to the beginning. When you add these sentence fragments to your thought, you create the opportunity to be a watcher of your mind and not just an active agent. This simple step allows us to create awareness that our thoughts are creating our feelings (and our thoughts are optional). Often it reminds us of how we have a lot more control over our actions and results.

Listen in to learn:

  • How your thinking may be getting you into trouble
  • Why it’s important to notice the difference between the facts of your life and the thoughts you’re thinking
  • How to shift your patterns so you follow through with your goals this year.
  • Two steps to change your outcome this year!
  • Simple Words to add to the beginning or end of your limiting beliefs to help you follow through with your goals. 

And if you want to get there faster, join the Love Your Life School. We are working on habits and beliefs in January and I have kept enrollment open throughout the month. Enroll now and you get all the training we are doing to make your year different. 


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