How to Overcame Debilitating Anxiety and Trauma with Christen Bensten

Today we have author and small business owner, Christen Bensten on the show. While many of us have not experienced the level of childhood trauma or debilitating anxiety that Christen has experienced, we all have had childhood experiences that mark us. As a result of this, this interview is one you don’t want to miss.

This past year, Christen published her memoir, Starving. In it she shares her difficult, yet hopeful story of growing up in a constant state of fear, managing her anxiety and depression on her own, and what it took to find love and healing.  

In her quest for vulnerability, connection and healing, Christen takes the reader through her childhood trauma – a difficult relationship with her mother, growing up in a cult-like evangelical church, and attending a private school where punishments involved duct-taping kids’ mouths closed and tying antsy children to chairs with rope.

As a fearful and quiet child, Christen did not have the tools to fight back against the people that tried to keep her small and she spent many years locked in her bedroom fighting debilitating depression on her own. Her anxiety turned into daily purging at age ten and kept her from expanding into the world. It wasn’t until the birth of her first child that she was able mount the courage she needed to set up healthy boundaries, heal from the past and move into her bright future. 

Who is Christen Bensten?

Christen has been published in The Washington Post, Cottage Living Magazine, Arlington Magazine, Romantic Homes Magazine, freshstyle Magazine and several other publications including the book Southern Style. She has shared her YouTube Tutorials to millions of people on her Blue Egg Brown Nest Channel. 

Christen is a mom of three, a writer, painter, avid reader and author. She also fosters loads of homeless kitties. She is the founder of her women-owned business, Blue Egg Brown Nest.

Listen in as we discuss her journey with the intent to bring you hope and model what is possible with resiliency. Thank you Christen for sharing your story.

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