No matter what is going on around us, you are always able to choose your attitude and how you think about any given circumstance. As Viktor Frankel says in his famous book Man’s Search for Meaning: “the last of humans freedoms is the ability to choose how we want to respond to what is going on around us”.

I am here today to urge you, no matter when you’re reading this, no matter the political climate, no matter the state of quarantine, no matter anything, to be deliberate in your choice of thoughts. The thoughts you choose to focus on creating how you feel. Your feelings are energy in motion. Emotions. Your emotions are contagious. We have something called mirror neurons. The way you feel matters. It matters to me because you matter to me. Yet in the more meta-view, it matters to the people around you, to your community, to the world at large as your feeling state influences us.

Do you know that your emotions carry a certain energetic frequency? 

I consistently remind myself and others that emotions are energy in motion. When they scan the brain, when we think a thought it looks like a flash of lightning and then the energy of emotion rains down in our body. That energy is contagious. Emotions resonate with the vibrational frequency they generate. The higher the vibrational frequency, the higher the expansion. The lower, the greater the contraction. This plays out around us all day.

Imagine the last time you felt flat and apathetic. If your son walks in the door full of vibrancy and life and is met with your flatness, what happens? It spreads. He may not become as grey as you but it definitely dulls his shine. Maybe turns his vibrant yellow into a duller orange. I’ve included an emotional vibrational frequency chart here so you can start to become more familiar with this and see which emotions have higher and lower frequencies. 


Emotional Responsibility

When we realize that our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings have a vibe, we see how we have even more raise your vibrational frequencyresponsibility to practice good mental hygiene. A large part of my mental hygiene practice involves me asking myself how I want to feel about whatever is going on in my life. Eg. Asking my brain the question: “How do I want to feel about this or about him or about that?” Or how do I want to be today? How do I want to feel today?

Cassandra Sturdy describes Your ‘vibration’ as a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. All vibrations operate at high and low frequencies, within us and around us. If your vibration is low, not only will you feel it but it will be evident to those around you (like the example I used above with a son). When your vibration is high it is equally evident, and equally as contagious. It’s also helpful to note that like energy attracts like energy. 

How do you want to feel? Which vibration or energy do you want to be shining out or pulling towards you? I have a hunch that if you’re reading this, you’re interested in starting. Here are 10 ways to deliberately raise your vibe!


1. Smile at the Ceiling:

When your alarm goes off, have the first act of your day be to smile at the ceiling. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between this contrived smile and an authentic one and so it’s a great way to start raising your vibe.


2. Morning Mojo: 

Train your brain to ask yourself first thing this question or one like it: I wonder how today will be awesome? Your brain will go through the day looking for awesome things and bring that energy towards you. 


3. Group Gratitude: 

Send some friends this post and ask them to start a power posse where your intent is to raise your vibrational frequency. Ask 1-3 friends to be on a group text where each morning you send 2 things that are going well in your life or that you’re grateful for. 


4. Reset your Preset: 

Depending on your past, you have a certain preset which your brain is tuned in to. Consider your brain like a radio tower. You may have it set to one station where you look for things to worry about or things that are going wrong in your life or the world. We want to reset it. It’s as if we want to change from Netflix to Apple TV. My preferred way to do that is with powerful questions. Read my post on that here. 


5. Nurture with Nature: 

Go outside and look for 5 things that are beautiful to you. Feeeeeeel that feeling. literally, feel appreciation in your body. Vibrational frequency raised!


6. Door Triggers: 

When transitioning from one activity to the next, be conscious and deliberate about your energy by bringing attention to your energy when you’re walking through a door (maybe your front door after work or any door from where you’ve been doing something into the rest of the house) pause and ask yourself what energy state you’re in (aka what are you feeling?). Take a deep breath in while you raise your shoulders to your ears, exhale out of your mouth and release your shoulders. Ask yourself what energy do you want to be in? I use doors to remind myself to be in joy and when I walk through doors I raise my shoulders and inhale, then exhale whatever energy state I was in and then I say, c/o Brendon Buchard, bring the joy!


7. Mid-day Reboot: 

Set a mid-day alarm on your phone that says: What’s going well? Pause to answer it.


8. Lunchtime Laughs: 

One of my favorite vibration raisers is to laugh. Ironically sometimes this can be challenging for me. I take my work and my roles in life very seriously. Because of this, I intentionally set a goal for myself to belly laugh each day. It’s helpful for me to link it to a certain time. When I direct my brain to look for funny things, it will find them. I look at lunch for things to laugh at.


9. Nighttime Reflection: 

When you’re drifting off to sleep ask yourself: “What went well today?” Allow your brain to wander and marinate on all the things that went well in your day. 


Okay warriors, there are some starters. You may have different ways to raise your vibration. I imagine you have ways in which you lower your vibration also. Be aware of those and begin to see them as choices versus obligations. Are you obligated as a human to call that person who always complains? Are you obligated to watch the low energy news? I think you know my answer.

Whatever and wherever we put attention on grows. When we train our brains to look for what’s wrong in the world or in our life, we find evidence for that. I am here to assure you that the opposite is also true. When we look for what is right in our lives, for what’s awesome in the world, we find evidence for that also.

How you feel matters.

The energy you bring to the world matters.

When we are tuned into high energy frequency of gratitude and appreciation, we will find more of that.

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