Martyrdom and the Invisible Work of Moms

Wonder how martyrdom and the invisible work of moms are related? Listen in to this week’s podcast episode!  Sue Holt is a guest on the show and Sue and Susie have a great conversation about motherhood, womanhood, marriage, resentment, guilt, shame, and oh yes, the connection between martyrdom and the invisible work of moms.

Who is Sue Holt?

Sue Holt is a life coach for moms, a podcast host, a wife, a mom, and even a graduate student!  Sue has 4 children, ages 17,15,14, and 10. After some events that she shares in the interview, she worked with a life coach and experienced such success that decided to become a life coach herself.

Sue Holt talks about martyrdom and the invisible workload in her community of moms, called the Mommy’s Life Coach.  Her community offers a reassuring space where moms can share frustrations, seek peer support and resources, as well as strategies for successfully and happily navigating motherhood without losing yourself.

Listen in to learn:

  • The definition of martyr complex
  • How Martyrdom and the Invisible Work of Moms are connected,
  • Why knowing our values is helpful,
  • How our judgement or jealousy of other women can be helpful,
  • Why guilt and shame are harmful,
  • Which emotions are hiding behind anger,
  • The relationship between burnout and resentment,
  • And much more

Links on Martyrdom + the Invisible Work of Moms

Today on the show we spoke of many hot button topics relating to women and moms. We mentioned some different podcast episodes that I’ve linked below and started some conversations that would be great for you to continue with your friends and family. The way to change patterns is to change patterns. Let’s do it!

Sue’s Episode on Invisible Labor 

The Outrageous Mommy Episode on Being a Good Mom

Sue’s Website 

Mommy’s Life Coach on Facebook

Sue Holt on Instagram

Listen in to the Episode on Martyrdom and The Invisible Work of Moms Here


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