Midlife Weight Loss

Is there such a thing as midlife weight loss? Short answer, yes! For the longer answer, listen to this conversation with Dr. Ginny TrierweilerShe is a psychologist and certified health coach who scoured the research to find evidence-based answers to her own eating and weight issues. She discovered key principles to actually NOURISH the body so you can activate health and healing from within and naturally release the excess weight. 

She combines that crazy-effective eating approach with habit change expertise to help other smart women over 40 get wonderful results.  It becomes easy and effortless once you come to CRAVE the good foods.  Smart, mature women deserve to live our best life.  And the world needs us!


There’s More to Life than Weight

I don’t know about you but speaking of weight and weight loss and frankly, most anything appearance related, brings up a lot for me. I have a lot of memories of me starting new ways of eating or exercising with such fierce commitment only to beat myself up in a not-so-nice way days, weeks or months later. 

I also resist speaking of weight loss and weight loss techniques because I have found that the more we, as women, think there’s a problem, the more of a problem there is. And yet, things change in midlife and I am at my core a wellness coach and want women to live in ways that are supportive for them and their best wellness, no matter what that is. 

Societal Programming with Weight Loss

And so today, let’s talk about weight. Let’s talk about societal programming. Let’s talk about helpful and unhelpful things we’ve done and can do. And mostly, let’s stop the old way of doing things and really commit this year to a new way, a lighter way of thinking of our weight and eating that really works.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about thinking that now we need to do it Dr. Treirweiler’s way (because that’s just doing more of the same – diet hopping, as we say). Rather, listen in to the overall mindset shift that both of us have had that makes the fundamental difference. And then decide what’s right for you. 

If you want to learn more about Dr. Trierweiler’s plan and way of doing things, all of her fabulous links and resources are listed below.

Listen in to this great episode as we discuss:

  • Sustainable Weight Loss after 40: why you must stop dieting!
  • The #1 mistake every woman is making when it comes to healthy eating and sustainable weight loss
  • Dr Trierweiler’s evidence-based approach
  • What actually WORKS for healthy, sustainable weight loss is completely different from dieting
  • Why we often gain weight back after dieting and losing weight?
  • Is weight gain after age 40 just something to accept?

Join us in the love your life school! This month we’re working on habits and no matter when you find this post, I have courses in the Love Your Life School on emotional eating and how to lose weight in a sustainable way for life. 

Join me and this week’s guest to put that punitive past behind us, for our sakes, for our bodies sakes and for the generations of women after us. Please. This episode is for you whether you want to lose weight or not, no matter your age, it is time for us to do this caring for our body better. 


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