Mindfulness for Moms

Do you run from one thing to the next? Do you hear yourself telling others how busy you are? Do you often say: “I’m so overwhelmed”? Do you feel like there’s never enough time to get done what you need to get done but then, beat yourself up for the time you spend wasting time? Procrastinating? Saying you need to do something but then spending time doing anything but that thing? How does that feel? How do you feel about yourself? Do you want to be feeling this way?

Listen in as this week’s podcast will help!

I lived this way for many years. Rushing from one thing to the next, trying to do the best I could but feeing like I was always coming up short. As if I could run as fast and fiercely as I physically could but the treadmill was always set one speed ahead. As if there would never be enough time in the day for what I needed to get done. I thought I could always be doing something more, something better. 

Enter my life coach. She taught me about this magical thing called the thought model. She helped me see how my thoughts were creating my feelings. How I acted (or didn’t act) certain ways because of how I was feeling.

Now What?

Okay, so then what? Well, I could continue thinking the same way, continue focusing on the same thoughts, keep feeling the way I was feeling, and keep having the life I was having. Or, I could choose to pay attention to the thoughts that were driving my life. I could start questioning my thoughts, start seeing that just because I thought it didn’t mean it was true.

I could start playing a more active role in crafting my feeling state. How did I want to feel? I did not what to feel overwhelmed or busy. What did I need to do to feel that way? Actively chose different thoughts. No longer allow myself to think: “I’m so busy” because when I thought that thought I felt overwhelmed and stressed. I changed my thought to “I have all the time I need to get done what needs to get done”. Instead of “there’s too much to do” (which led to feelings of overwhelm), I chose the thought I get to choose what gets done today. How many times a day did I need to remind myself of my new thought? 

Mindfulness for Busy Moms

What’s the big meta-skill here? Mindfulness .Thinking about what I’m thinking about. Being conscious of how I’m spending my life. Becoming mindful of what was making my mind full. Learning mindfulness techniques helps with wandering mom brain. Not only can mindfulness techniques help to strengthen the parts of your brain so your attention doesn’t wander as much, it also helps manage and corral those wandering thoughts. 

Mindfulness helps us stay in the present moment. When our minds are in the past we feel regret, guilt, remorse. Further, when our minds are in the future, we feel anxious, worry, and stress. What’s the solution? Learn how to be right here, and right now. This is the life we’ve chosen. We can’t do anything about the past and tomorrow never comes. Today is here and now. 

Moving from Surviving to Thriving

So how do we begin to move away from this state of overwhelm and stress? Listen to the podcast on ITUNES and then….Start by slowing down. What?! Yep, me, former type AAA control-freak always busy perfectionist is telling you, I get more done now that I’ve slowed down. Not only do I get more done but I get more done in a calm state of mind. Did I ever believe this was possible? No frigging way. Seriously, start to bring awareness to what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, how you’re choosing to spend your days, why are you choosing to spend your days that way?

Life School Homework:

Learning about mindfulness has changed my life and I’d like it to help you change yours.

This week I invite you to work on this one thing: begin to pay attention to what you’re doing and how you’re spending your days. As many times as possible during the day pause and check in with yourself: What am I doing? How am I feeling?

The key is to do this in a KIND WAY. Like you are a friend watching your life. Try to start noticing things from a kind place. What is that voice in your head saying? Whenever you can shift it to a voice of a supporter, give yourself a gold star. I set a couple of daily alarms to go off as a “check in with Susie”. Feel free to do whatever you need to do to become more aware of how you’re spending your moments. Start small and let me know how it’s going. I’m here for you. 

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