Mindfulness is thrown around a lot these days and that’s actually a great thing. The more of us who live more mindfully and embrace more mindful ways of being, the calmer and less reactive this world will be. Join me as I talk with a woman who’s made a living out of spreading the mindful message to moms and parents. Hunter Clarke-Fields has taught thousands worldwide and has over 20 years experience in yoga & mindfulness practices. She is super relatable and it’s perfectly clear how she’s helped so many moms and parents. You will love listening in to our conversation!

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How learning more about mindfulness will help you as a parent,
  • Why looking at your actions and life with kindness is a game changer,Thich naht hahn, mindfulness, parenting, mindful parenting
  • How your ability to remain grounded affects your parenting,
  • How we can help our kids process their big emotions, 
  • How meditation isn’t the only mindful tool we use, and
  • Much more! 

Find Hunter here:
Hunter Clarke-Fields: Mindful Mama Mentor Website   
The Mindful Mama Mentor on Instagram
Free & Fun Resources from Hunter (like meditations and YOGA practices!)

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