Mom Guilt and Overwhelm with Melissa Peduzzi

When I heard about Melissa’s body of work, my brain was like: Oh my goodness tell me more! She says her superpower is helping women stop being victims to the frustrations of life and instead take control! Yes please!

Melissa Peduzzi is a Certified Mindset and Life coach at Mom Life by Design. Her mission is helping all moms stop being victims to the frustrations of life and instead take control to create the motherhood experience they dream of. 

We talk about all things overwhelm, frustration, the busy badge of honor, expectation hangovers, brain drama and more. 

No matter the age of your kids, you will get something out of this episode.


Listen in to this episode to learn:

  • What does mom guilt sound like
  • Where does mom guilt come from?
  • How does shame hold us back as women?
  • Learn about her mind, heart and soul process?
  • How many hours a typical woman works in a week
  • The busy badge of honor
  • Expectation hangovers
  • Where overwhelm comes from and how to step out of it
  • And much more


Questions for Reflection:

  • What do I think it means to be a good mom?
  • Thinking back to how I was raised, what sort of instruction manual did I see for motherhood?
  • When I look at the things I do in a week, what needs me versus what needs to be done?


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