Money Mindset with Liz Carroll

In today’s episode, Financial Life Coach Liz Carroll helps us with our money mindset so we can feel more financially free.  Liz is a life-long student and teacher of making mindful money moves. Originally believing she was “bad with money,” Liz did the hard work to rewrite her money story. She needed to drop limiting beliefs about how a woman can earn and manage money to set herself up for financial success in a way she would commit to and follow. It worked. Liz attained financial independence and is here to help us with our money mindset. 

Currently Liz helps other women experience calm confidence with their finances by unpacking and shifting their own money story. She has the unique ability to shed light onto darkness around money, making complex personal finance issues simple. Liz created the Mindful Money Method, a financial wellness course and coaching program that utilizes a holistic approach to math, mindset and soul-guided desires. She is a Financial Coach from Ramsey Solutions, a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and is here to spread her knowledge with us today!

Listen in and Learn About:

  • How our thoughts about money impact our bank balance
  • What are some of the ways we create stress around money (and how to get out)
  • 3 tools to use with kids to teach financial intelligence (all of which I’ve been using as an adult since our interview!)
  • Why it’s important to talk to others about money
  • How to be more financially free
  • Specific ways to worry less about money
  • How our past impacts our money mindset

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Here’s an action step for this week: Let’s get out there and talk more about money! Which stocks work for you? Do you know what treasury bonds are? What’s a good high interest savings account? How do loans work? Join me in the free Warrior Women’s Facebook group!

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