My Six Top Energy Hacks

How do I have so much energy and how do I love my life so much? Listen in to this week’s episode as I dive into details of my six top energy hacks

1) Daily Routine and Schedule

Having a daily routine and schedule allows me to have a thriving business, 5 sons, and a connected relationship. No doubt. It also allows me to have more energy. Why? Because I don’t waste energy making the same decisions day after day. Listen in to learn about my 100 marble theory. This is the backbone of my coaching and something I help so many women with in my monthly membership.

2) To Don’t List

Yep, you heard me. One of my top energy hacks is to have a to don’t list. I literally have a list of things I choose not to do. Things I won’t do. And I encourage you to also. Listen in to learn of examples of what I put on my to don’t list and how these things help me have more energy. Top energy hack for sure!

3) Wellness Pillarswellness pillars, sleep, self care, 5 pillars of wellness, women wellness

Simply put, I prioritize my wellness pillars. All five. Every day. Somedays look better than others but my aim and intent is to care for each one each day. This boosts my energy and is an absolute energy hack. Learn more about the wellness pillars here. 

4) I Support Humans

Comparing ourselves to others is in our human dna. It is normal yet not at all helpful for our wellness or for our energy. Compare and despair.

When I find myself judging others or comparing myself to others, my energy hack is to do two things: 1) drop into praise and then 2) drop into curiosity. Listen in to learn how I use Gabrielle Bernstein‘s work when I’m jealous or judgmental so as to keep my energy! 

5) Practice Gratitude gratitude practice, womens wellness

Mandatory for high energy. An absolute top energy hack.

As many times during the day as possible, pause to feel gratitude. Big or small. I also encourage you to get deliberate. To have some sort of routine when you write out or say aloud what you’re grateful for. At night or in the morning. Or in the middle of the day… With gratitude it truly is about the just do it. 

6. Mindful moments.

A top energy hack for me is to have forced and intentional moments of reset during the day. Listen or read about my top three quickest ways to hack your energy. There are multiple motivators to take these mindful moments in our day: whether you want to yell less, avoid dementia, lower inflammation in your body, improve your sleep, have better focus at work, enjoy greater life satisfaction, or as this podcast says, have more energy. The research is out, taking deliberate action during the day to reset your nervous system whether through one deep breath or a 20 minute sitting meditation works. Just do it. 

Golden Nugget

But ultimately warriors, the way I have energy is something many of you don’t want to hear yet is the pathway to freedom and is my top energy hack. What is it? be you, people pleasing

I have so much energy because I give myself the permission to be me. The freedom to want what I want. The freedom to act in a way that’s in alignment with my values. Not my father’s values. Not my friend’s values, not society values. Sure some of them overlap, yet when they don’t, I choose me. I give myself permission to be my messy imperfect amazing self. All of it.  

Main Takeaway

If you hear nothing else today, hear this: you matter. If you take one thing away form today’s message, please have it be this: that the more you lean into being you, the more you let the people in your life see and experience the true you, the better you’re going to feel in side. The less physical ailments you’ll have. The less mental drama you’ll experience. And for damn sure, the more energy you’ll have. 

Here’s what I’ve found to be true: when I’m doing things because I want to be doing them, because I think they matter or because I think it’s the right way of doing it, I really don’t care what others think. Big Energy Hack. Further more, you don’t need anyone else to know you did it. You don’t need to post on facebook that you helped sort papers or pick up trash because you did it for you. You don’t need the external pat on your back because you have the internal pat on your back. You are acting so that your actions and values align. And this is the secret to high energy. Not wasting energy telling yourself you should be different or more like someone else. Be you. 

People Judge

People are going to look at you and judge you. There is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. This is people pleasing, other peoples opinions, stop giving a sh*ta part of human nature. Growing up is about learning to let go of caring what others think. Instead care about what YOU think.

What is your opinion of you? What’s your opinion of what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time? If you like it? Energy saved. That’s all you need. No more thinking required. No more marbles spent. No more energy output needed. Choose you. Choose to have your own back. If this sounds like something you want to practice more, please join my monthly membership. We are waiting to welcome you in.