Narcisissim is a term that’s thrown around a lot lately. Am I a narcissist? How to deal with a narcissistic parent? And how to divorce a narcissist? are three questions that popped up right when I put narcissism in my google search bar! It’s everywhere! 

And boy, I should know! At different times of my life I’ve been convinced different people in my life were narcissists. Which is why I am excited to bring you today’s podcast episode. 

Being in relationship with someone with narcissism or with narcissistic traits is an incredibly difficult place to be. It’s often referred to as crazy making and is incredibly destabilizing for our mental and emotional health.

In fact, I went through many years of my life thinking I was the crazy one. The narcissist in my life convinced me, I was the one who needed to change. Luckily, I am now in a place where I support many people in seeing they are not crazy! It’s not you! I say whenever someone asks the question “am I the narcissist” that’s a 100% sign you’re not.

Listen In to Learn More about Narcissism

  • Why some of us question whether we are the narcissist
  • What emotional intelligence has to do with narcissism
  • How narcissists can make you feel unstable or crazy
  • 5 common narcissistic traits
  • The difference between narcissism and unskilled behavior
  • How low confidence may magnetize a to you
  • And much more

It’s Not You

Remember, those of us who are in these sorts of relationships have been trained to think we are the problem, we are the ones that need to be fixed. Nope. 

First step, learn! Get a phd in narcissistic traits. Listen to my past episodes. Read the books I have linked below. Begin to recognize their traits. Notice. learn. 

Wherever you are on this journey – my podcast and my programs are for you. In order to change there must be two things present: Knowledge and support. When you listening to this podcast and examine the links below, you gain knowledge. You gain support when you join groups like my membership and get one-on-one coaching. If you don’t have a life coach yet, I’d love to be yours

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