Oren Jay Sofer teaches meditation and communication retreats and workshops nationally. He is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, is  the founder of Next Step Dharma and co-founder of Mindful Healthcare. He is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication, which is where I direct the conversation today on the Love Your Life Show. 

Listen in as We Discuss:mindful communication

  • 3 Foundations for Effective Communication
  • How Stress Impacts our ability to Communicate
  • The Water Table of Tolerance
  • How Blame Affects Communication 

…and much more! The ability to communicate with those we care about is the foundation of deep and connected relationships. Our relationships form the foundation from which we show up in this world. They are one of the pillars of wellness and the more strife and stress we have in our connections the more stress and strife we will have in the rest of our mental, physical, and emotional health. Bottom line: they matter.

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