One Percent Better

Let’s learn how focusing on small changes can make our life better in BIG ways!

How are you feeling about the life you’re living? No matter when you listen to this, there are three main differences between people who consistently report greater life satisfaction and those who don’t. First, happier people routinely stop and check in with their life. They look at the different areas of their life and question their happiness and satisfaction. Second, they catch themselves when they fall off track. Probably because of the first reason, that they’re checking in with themselves.

Finally, they view actions and decisions as a kind observer. They are compassionate when they reflect on their mistakes and missteps. They look at themselves and their life with a growth mindset. 

Can you put on your non judgmental kind hat on and answer the first question I asked you: How do you feel about the life you’re living? If so, this episode on one percent better is for you!

What You’ll Learn about One Percent Better in This Episode

  • The brain’s tendency to habitualize actions
  • How setting big goals is not the answer
  • The power of small shifts and choices
  • Why it’s important to be a kind observer
  • How to set yourself up for success right now!
  • And much more

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