Permission to Be You

Why do women think that we need to abandon ourselves? That when we become a mother or a spouse, we have to abandon ourselves to care for the others in our life? 

Oh warriors, the struggle is real. We expect women to raise children as if they don’t have a career and have a career as if they don’t have children. It’s time to change the trajectory for future women. We have to teach women to quit abandoning themselves for the sake of pleasing others. Then, and only then, are we free to create our own joy.  Psst: Our modeling gives the other women and daughters in our lives permission to do the same.Kim Strobel is on the love your life show

Playing Big with Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel is on the Love Your Life Show this week and we dive into this all so that we can find the joy we are here on earth to experience. You are going to love this conversation as we cover a lot! Some of the things we discuss are:

  • How to live life from the inside out instead of the outside inn
  • Why we self abandon
  • How to shift out of mommy martyr role into living a life we love

Listen in and then head to instagram to let us know your greatest takeaways. Changing patterns in your house and in your relationships has far reaching affects and this conversation can get you started.

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