Radical Forgiveness with Brenda Reiss

How often do you feel anger about things that happened in your past?
How much resentment do you hold towards other people?
How annoyed are you at other family members?
Well warriors, I beg you to consider forgiveness.
Not for them.
For you.
For many years I held on to anger towards my parents, towards my siblings, towards my ex, and, ultimately, towards myself.
Excluding myself, I doubt the people I have forgiven even know that I’ve forgiven them.
In fact, I double doubt that they think they have anything to be forgiven for, lol.
The beauty is?
It doesn’t matter.

Learning to forgive others and ourselves is indeed radical and I am so pleased to be able to bring Radical Forgiveness coach, Brenda Reiss’s expertise and knowledge to the love your life show listeners.

She offers up expert advice on how we can let go and forgive lingering childhood angst, resentments and even painful relationships. Perfect for this time of year, ey?

Re-examining your most intimate relationships through the lens of Radical Forgiveness can help you transform your life experience and create space for the relationships that you REALLY want. 

I loved connecting with Brenda and can’t wait for you to listen in! 


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