I adored this conversation with Small Steps Living Creator, Lisa Corduff and I think you will too. She is a mom, business owner, and (added bonus -yes I’m biased!) an Australian! She inspires women through her Small Steps Living Program, Show and Podcast, to take small steps towards a healthier, happier, simpler life. She has a perfect imperfect life and has helped women all around the world ditch the impossible standards and live life on their terms. She is a perfect fit for the Love Your Life Show and I’m so psyched to share our conversation with you!
We dig into all the personal stuff that matters to moms and how our lives feel, including:

Permission to Go Slow!
Mommy Mindset
Glass Balls versus Rubber Balls
Life Happens For You,
Her Big “Aha” moment with her coach,
The Box of Motherhood (!), and how…

I loved getting to know Lisa better and I LOVE the opportunity to share her message with all of you!!!

Find Lisa here:
Small Steps Living Website    
Small Steps Living on YouTube
Small Steps Living Program (Get on the Waitlist)

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