We start the year with plans, goals, and resolutions and often wait until the next new year to check in with our progress. What a waste of our time here! We know right now, 1/2 way through 2017, how we’re doing. Check in with your inner warrior, your inner guide, your intuition now:
  • Are you living the 2017 you want to be living?
  • When you began this year, where did you see yourself halfway through the year?
These questions usually brings up one of two points: Maybe you didn’t pause to think of what your life would be like in July 2017 or, maybe you did pause but you saw something different than your current reality. No worries either way! We have the possibility to change each and every day of our lives. How? Starting small….
The first point: You didn’t pause to think of what you wanted your life to be like this year. You didn’t think through how you wanted to evolve and how you wanted to show up in your life. That’s okay – live and learn. As many of my blogs explain, we are not here on this earth to live out our life ‘as is’. We were put here to do more than cross days off the calendar. In order to evolve, we must go through our days awake and conscious. Conscious of our choices and conscious of what we want. How do you want to feel? How do you want to mother? What sort of marriage do you want? What do you want to feel like at work? What sort of relationships do you want with your children? How do you want to take care of your body?
Becoming that next best version of ourselves starts with being able to picture that future version of ourself and our life. Say you want to feel calmer and less reactive as a mom. Sit and think of what that would look like in your life. What would that feel like in your body? How might your days be different? And then, start small. What’s one small thing you can do today to bring calm to your day as a mom? To be less reactive? It could be something as small as sitting for five minutes with your cup of coffee on your porch or waking up 15 minutes before the kids. 
The second point: You saw a different 2017 than the one you’re experiencing and you’re bummed. You might have had grand plans on how you were going to take care of your health or of how you were going to act in a relationship, or of what you were going to do at work. Waking up in July with a very similar life situation as to what you woke up to in January might feel defeating or depressing. Of course it does. I encourage you to not just throw your hands up and say “Oh well”. Instead, feel the discouragement or depression. I’m sure you can come up with excuses as to why you didn’t do what you had set out to do on January first. Our brains are masters at finding reasons and excuses as to why we did what we did. It’s easier to blame someone or something else than to take responsibility for our situation. That blame isn’t going to create the life you want and so, how about you choose today to follow through with your commitment to yourself. 
It does not have to be January first to make changes. Choose one area of your life where you’d like to expand and change. Sit and visualize what that change would look like in your life. Sit and think how you will feel when that change has occurred. Now, TAKE ACTION. Enough thinking. Take one small step today. You wouldn’t be in this same spot if you had taken one small step in January.
What’s one way you’d like your life to be different August 1st? December 31, 2017? July 5, 2018?
What step can you take TODAY to get started?
Some options:
  1. Get in bed 10 minutes earlier
  2. Send a daily text to your partner complimenting him/her.
  3. Eliminate sugar from your mornings
  4. Stop nagging your child about one area of his/her life
  5. Schedule your day (write down what you’re doing + when: meetings, appointments, sleep, eating, exercise, free time (!!), etc)
  6. Do 10 pushups (if this is easy for you, do one for each year of your life)
  7. Write 3 things you’re grateful for before bed each night (if you’re struggling at work you could write 3 things you’re grateful for about your job)
  8. Drink a full glass of water when you wake up
  9. Meditate (biggest life changer for me – see this blog for more)
  10. Start journaling

Small hinges move large doors. Small steps create big change. Don’t allow your brain to convince you to stay where you are so that you get to this time next year and beat yourself up further. You are reading this blog for a reason. Your inner warrior is speaking. We are here to evolve and, lucky for us, change occurs when we take small actions consistently.

If you’re interested in getting more conscious in your life, examining the thoughts you’re thinking, understanding why you do what you do, learning how your past is influencing your present, sign up to take my 10-Day Cleanse for Conscious Living. It’s a ten-day online course that you can take anywhere (on the beach!), start anytime, and it costs less than a cup of coffee or glass of wine a day. Commit to yourself. Do it for you, for your family, or for your job. It doesn’t matter your reasons to do it. Just Do It.

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