Feeling A Bit Anxious?

Stephanie Dalfonzo is here to help!

After years of being an early-morning radio DJ, Stephanie was hit with full on anxiety and insomnia. This led her on a 20-year journey to learn everything she could about anxiety. In this episode, you’ll learn different tools and strategies to help you lower your anxiety no matter what virus or epidemic is happening around us.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How Cheetos were involved with her learning more about her anxiety;
  • How insomnia and anxiety are related;
  • How a tennis ball can help with anxiety;
  • Breathing techniques you can do now;
  • How to respond rather than react;
  • much more….

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, Sasha Heinz, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, THOUGHT MODELI am so honored to be able to bring Stephanie’s wisdom and tips with you. I can’t wait for you to listen as I know you will get at least one takeaway from listening that can help you feel less anxious right now!

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Special Offering from Stephanie due to COVID19

Stephanie gave a talk to 10,000 people on resilience and is sharing it here hoping it will provide additional support for us. 

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