The Good Enough Marriage with Sonia Frontera

Join Susie as she learns about the good enough marriage with Sonia Frontera. Sonia is a divorce lawyer, certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, author and empowerment trainer.  She offers forward-thinking legal solutions to help individuals end their marriages amicably.

The author of two books, Sonia offers practical advice and hope to thoise who are stuck in good enough marriages, those whose lives have been upended by marital troubles, and those in domestic violent situations. She contributes regularly to Divorce Magazine, Dioverced Moms and has been featured on NBC, MSN, and in the New York Times

Listen in to Learn:

Listen in to this episode titled “The Good Enough Marriage with Sonia Frontera” to learn:

  • What a good enough marriage is;
  • How we find ourselves in a good enough marriage;
  • How to determine if it’s time to mend it or end it;
  • What the failed marriage myth is and how to break it;
  • Her thoughts on our consciousness and awake-ness in life;
  • Active Awareness: what it is and how to use it;
  • Specific tools to help;
  • Sonia’s thoughts on forgiveness;
  • How we can strengthen our relationships today;
  • Much more! Listen in!

Resources Mentioned:

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Her Facebook Page and Group 

Sonia on LinkedIn

Sonia on YouTube

 Reach out to Sonia on her website to:

  • Examine the viability of your marriage,
  • Make the divorce decision with confidence,
  • Have an amicable divorce if your relationship is not salvageable.

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