The Law of Attraction with Tara Chatzakis

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how the law of attraction can help you in your life? Or even what the law of attraction is in the first place? Listen in and learn about one of the universal laws: the Law of Attraction with Tara Chatzakis.

Tara is a certified Robbins Madanes Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, and podcast host of one of the top 10% global shows, Happy Inspired Motivated. Tara Chatzakis says she helps women attract abundance, joy, love and laughter into their lives. What a great fit for the Love Your Life Show.

What is the Law of Attraction? 

Listen in to this week’s episode to learn more about:

  • Tara’s 3 Pillars To Success,
  • The ABC Method? 
  • How Journaling can help to raise our vibe
  • The NLP practice of Anchoring
  • Whyspiration
  • Moving from pain toward pleasure

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