How do you feel at the end of the day?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Are you excited for your days or do you think of ways to make it through your day?

Well, yoo hoo….when are you going to wake up? We are all going to die. We don’t know when but we know it is going to happen. What if you found out how many days you had left to live? Say you learned that you had 4,208 days left to live. How many of those days would you give away. Cross off? Not fully live?

I have spent far too many of my days just “getting through” my days. Waking up and trying to find something to look forward to. When we are not enjoying our daily lives, we distract ourselves from ourselves by:

over shopping
over drinking
over exercising
over committing / over-scheduling (MOM ALERT !)

Some wish away the minutes in their days away until they can have a glass of wine. Others, schedule their days so full they don’t have time to stop to feel whether they’re unhappy or not.

How about you do yourself a favor. It’s a new month. Choose to THRIVE instead of just surviving. Stop to take a look at the little things you do every day.

What are your habits? Your routines?

Do you push snooze when your alarm goes off?

What do you watch on TV?

How much time do you spend on your phone?

Who are the 3-5 people that you spend the most time with?

Each and every day we make choices that create the life we are living Share on X. Pay attention to the small choices you’re making every day because they add up.

  • Do you leave the dinner dishes in the sink so that’s the first thing you see in the morning? How does that make you feel? What could you choose to do instead?
  • Do you watch TV before bed? What is that show feeding your brain? How does that make you feel? What could you do instead of watching TV?
  • Do you push snooze three times every morning, setting yourself up to feel as if you’re already behind? How does that make you feel? What could you do instead of pushing snooze?
  • Do you check Facebook or your email first thing in the morning? How does that make you feel? What could you do instead?

Each decision shapes our day which, in turn, leads to the results we see in our lives. What are you deciding to do? How do those decisions show up in big ways in your life? Dirty dishes and disconnect with TV watching can lead to depression? Checking email and looking at other people’s FB feed can cause anxiety. Pay attention. This is your one life.

As an adult, you are not a victim. Challenge your mind to see the choices you’ve made in your life and the choices you have:  We choose our jobs, our mates, our friends, our schedules, our environment. If you find yourself making excuses for circumstances in your life, step back and remind yourself: you are an adult and you have choices. Always.

What small change can you make in your life today?

Stop pushing snooze? Take the Facebook app off your phone? Choose to check personal email once a day? Go to bed 10 minutes early? How do you want to feel? Which of these actions would bring you closer to that feeling?

Choose to take control of your one, marvelous life right now.

Choose to not waste another day surviving.

It’s time to thrive warriors!

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