Embrace Wellness This Summer

As a coach who’s here supporting you in living your best life, you know I’m all about stopping every so often to make sure the daily actions you’re taking are aligned with that best life for you. And, I know that while it is halfway through the year and a good time to reflect on how we started the year, our word of the year, and our goals for the year, for many of you it’s summer or school holiday time and our brain can get pretty teenager- like, with a sort of “awwww, screw it” type attitude. 

It’s in between the all-or-nothing where ease and true wellness is found. It’s in the small things we do daily – we don’t need any massive changes. Small hinges move big doors. 

Honesty and Wellness Without Shame

What do I mean by telling yourself the truth? Well, you tell me. Listen to yourself the next time you skip a workout you had planned or eat the thing you said you didn’t want to eat or have the extra drink that makes your skin ruddy and disrupts your sleep. What is that voice saying? That this is a treat? That this won’t matter? That you can get back into it in September? Telling yourself the whole truth looks like being honest with how good it will feel to not have to be a dictator with your wellness in September. How you can enjoy the summer and practice healthy habits.

Essential Steps for a Healthy Routine

  • I wake up when my alarm goes off.

No snooze. Every day of the week. Some days, like weekends, I wake up before my alarm. The point is to habitualize in my brain with the first action of my day that I do what I say I’ll do. This is one of the easiest ways to strengthen our ability to delay short-term gratification and to increase our confidence.

  • Smile at the ceiling.

The first conscious thing you do is to turn the corners of your mouth up. Our brain is a funny thing in that if you turn your mouth into a smile, your brain looks for reasons as to why you’re smiling. How cool ey? I love priming my brain in that way – to look for what’s going well in my life instead of letting the brain do its preprogrammed drama of looking at everything that’s going wrong.

  • Tongue scraper

Have you heard of a tongue scraper? I started using a tongue scraper 5 years ago and I’m never going back. This is something that other cultures view as common. You’d use a tongue scraper to rid your body of toxins.

  • Exercise

I exercise in the morning and as a friend to myself, I make it as easy as possible to get out and work out by laying my clothes out the night before. 

  • More morning habits

I squeeze one full lemon and one pinch of Celtic sea salt into 12-20 ounces of water and drink the whole thing before coffee. It’s protective of my gut and another easy detoxifying immune-boosting step. I also put sunblock on each and every morning no matter the weather.

Regain Control of Your Wellness: Strategies for Taking Charge

  • Take back some control over your tech and tech habits

I always have my phone on silent and all of my notifications except for text messages are off. This means, no noises are coming from my phone to disrupt my thinking and the only little bubbles I see are texts. Go to the settings in your phone, click on notifications, and have your wise, adult self ask why you have certain notifications on. Do you really need that blast of news or alert from Target?

  • Get rid of one item at once

For every item of clothing or household thing I purchase, I get rid of one. So one shirt in, one clothing item out. One cool Bali decoration in, one household item out. 

  • Mouth tape.

I use it every night.

  • Kegels.

Find a time to do 2 sets of 10 every day.

  • Orgasm.

Make it happen at least once a week

  • Meals

I use my practice of telling myself the whole truth about what I’m eating, eg is this really a treat? Does finishing this feel as good as buttoning my pants tomorrow feels?

  • Sleep mask.

I started using a sleep mask 7-8 years ago and won’t go back.

  • Prioritize your sleep

Health experts encourage us to stop eating or drinking 3 hours before bed. They use a 3-2-1 rule; stop eating 3 hours before bed, stop engaging on your phone, email, or social media 2 hours before bed, and stop all tech, TVs, 1 hour before bed.

Which of these wellness hacks are you going to try? Please give this some thought so you can take deliberate intentional action. Share it in the free WARRIOR WOMEN FREE FACEBOOK GROUP for accountability.

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