Transform your Body and Your Life with Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt is a master certified life coach who has helped thousands of women to transform their bodies and lives. She’s the creator of the Bare Process, the Bare Deck, the Bare Podcast, and an online community called Bare Daily. With her fiery Facebook rants—Susan has gained an international following of women who love her honesty, humor, and fearlessness. Susan has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Seventeen, O: The Oprah Magazine, and this week is on the Love Your Life Show!
I have been a long time supporter of Susan and her podcasts and messaging. Her work is directly in line with my mission to empower women to live lives they love. In this conversation we discuss:

  • What women really need (and it’s not more willpower!)
  • How to treat your body with care, love, and respect—not hateful criticism.
  • How to shed things that are weighing you down, both physically and mentally.
  • How to de-stress at the end of your day without relying on excessive food, alcohol, Netflix binging, and other habits that clog up your mind and drain your energy.
  • How to stop obsessing about your weight and focus on priorities that actually matter—like your relationships, career, income, creative pursuits, activism, and citizenship.


The BARE Body-Love Scale 

When you intensely dislike your body, it can be tough to imagine ever “loving” your body. Tolerating, maybe. Liking, possibly. But loving? That may seem like a big stretch. The BARE Body-Love Scale is a visual tool that helps you understand how you currently feel about your body, and how you can move just a little closer towards love. It might not happen overnight. But you can get there.

The BARE MANIFESTObare manifesto, diet, stop dieting, Susan Hyatt, diet culture

The BARE Manifesto is an inspiring statement about your body, your life, and the amazing potential you hold inside. Print this out. Frame it. Hang it above your bed, desk, or bathroom mirror. Girlfriend, you’re unstoppable.

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