What do you want your day to be like?
What do you want your days to feel like?
What do you want to be like as a mom?
What do you want to be like at work?

Why am I asking?

It is my belief that we are here on earth for a reason; that it’s our human responsibility to evolve as a species and we do this by digging into our inner desires. Our desires and dreams were given to us; they are as unique as we are. If we continuously ignore them, we feel stifled, resentful, and an underlying sense of un-ease.  As moms, we often put our dreams and desires on hold; at first for very good reasons. For the first several years of our children’s lives we have to put their needs first so that they survive. Our sleep and daily routines get forced to the back as we teach and nurture a human into the world. For those of us who have multiple children, our bodies quickly get used to this state of being. Our body and brain adapt quickly to the less than ideal situation. They put a bunch of coping mechanisms in place to insure that we continue to survive at a primitive level while giving another being the tools to survive. That said, unless we consciously choose to bring it back, we will continue in this pattern, making ignoring our needs and desires a habitual way of being. We will continue to put ourselves, our health, our needs, and our dreams on the back burner.

This was me for years. Sure, I needed to for a while, four pregnancies in five years? My focus could not be on my desires and needs. My life was all about meeting other people’s needs first. But there comes a time when our kids can care for themselves. When it’s healthiest for us (and them!) to stop putting their needs and desires first and to start to return to ourselves and to the development of our beings. I’m here today to serve as your alarm clock. Consider this your wake up call: if your kids are over the age of 2, certainly the age of 4, it is time to retrain your brain. It’s time to start listening to the inner rumblings of your soul, of your inner warrior. What is she trying to tell you? What do YOU want?

My role here is to help as many women live a life that they love. When you are living a life in alignment with your true desires, you’re in some serious high energy. This higher energy will pour out of you and uplift everyone around you. I used to think that taking care of myself was selfish. Now I realize that not taking care of myself is selfish. When I don’t take care of myself I am more reactive, resentful, and judgmental of others. I complain more. I criticize more. When I put my needs on the back burner, I become resentful, worn down, a literal drain on society. Further, when I put my desires on the back burner, I don’t live the life I am here to live. I am subdued and numb.

I did this for many years. I lived a life that looked good on the outside but felt horrendous on the inside. I knew something was off, yet didn’t quite know what. I now know that I was living my life for others. I was living a life that others thought was okay but it was not the life I was supposed to be living. When I started to dig into what I wanted, what my dreams were, how I wanted to feel, things began to shift. I became a better mother. I became a better friend, to others and to myself. I felt more alive and vibrant. I shined this energy out to the world and the world shined that light back to me.

How can you start to shift your feeling state? Start listening to what your inner warrior is telling you. Each day this week, set a timer for 5 minutes and write your answer to this: What do I want?” At first you may stare at a blank page for a while. Keep going. Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Remind yourself, you’re doing this for you, for your kids, for your community. You are not writing something that will be published or seen by anyone else. Drop the perfectionism and start writing. Today. Here are some questions to get you started:

          What do you want?
          What do you want your day to be like?
          What do you want your relationship with your spouse to be like?
          What do you want to be like as a mom?
          What do you want to be like at work?

Start dreaming warriors. Life is all about starting small and making small changes. This is your small change this week; 5 minutes a day. You have this one life. You are here for a reason. Putting off listening to your inner dreams and desires doesn’t feel good and doesn’t help those around you. Choose to start caring for yourself better today. I am here for you to guide, model, and support you but can’t do the work for you. Luckily I know you can do this. You’ve got this warrior. Todays your day to start. Come back next week and I can help with another minor step. For now, this is it. Set an alarm for your 5 minutes today.

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